Adding the miles on

I’ve decided that I only need to take one rest day a week instead of two, what do you think?  The San Francisco Marathon is about 5 weeks away and I’m scared that I won’t have the endurance to finish, I know I didn’t start training early enough and the sad part is, I had plenty of time.  Woe is me.  Oh well, you can’t change the past so I’m just trying to log some extra miles and hope it pays off on August 3rd.

I ran with Annette and Jane at our Tuesday Night Running Clinic, we could either run a timed mile, No Thank You, or do just a regular run, I chose the latter.  We got in almost 5 miles on a rolling hill course, it was around 95 degrees when we started, but there was a nice breeze and I don’t think it was near as humid as it has been, the sweat wasn’t dripping from my elbows like it normally does.  It was a decent run, I was not feeling good on the way out, but on the way back I actually felt better, except for the need for a bathroom, I’m beginning to just think of it as part of my run.  Run, potty break, run.

This morning at 6am I met Kim at Lakewood, she had 8 miles on her schedule, I wanted to at least run 5, but it had only been 12 hours since I ran at the Clinic, we would see how it turned out.  We made one loop around the lake and there it was, the need to go to the bathroom, thank goodness they were open, I almost didn’t make it, see the pattern, run, potty break, run.  We decided to try the loop we did on Monday, it has a few hills, but hey, we can’t seem to get away from them in this part of the country.  So off we went again.  My legs were tired at first and I had cramps to boot, had them last night too, but after awhile both got better and we cruised right through those miles.  Well, maybe we didn’t cruise through them, but we made it through them.

It was a pretty nice morning, we saw lots of geese, I mean a lot!  Then we saw two very fat cats who I couldn’t resist petting, they were so sweet, their owner came out and he told us all about them, Eeyore and Tigger, little butterballs.  We also saw the two white ducks who we keep our eyes out for, they are always together, one has all its feathers on the back of its neck gone, I think the other one plucks them, but they are always together.  And then there is the baby geese who are almost grown, you almost can’t tell who is mom and dad anymore, but they are still all together for now.  It’s a virtual zoo out there, but always interesting.  We got in about 5.25 miles, which was fine with me, I have lots of packing to do today.

My miles for the week are adding up, I don’t really have a start day to my week, but I have run every day this week, I have an 18 mile run on Saturday, which I am scared to death about, I’m never good on the long runs, but I have got to get better, I just must get better, that’s why I’m putting in all the miles, hoping to increase my endurance.


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  1. I think the main thing is to listen to your body, if something starts hurting or you start feeling overly tired I would take a rest day, but I think 5 or 6 days a week of running is good to help build endurance. I know it made a big difference for me in Nashville. You might try alternating one week of 6 days and then the next 5 days……

  2. I wanted to add that right now I am running 5 days a week but I am also doing a lot of cross training.

  3. Mmm, if this if your first big race I’d stick with the 2 rest days. I did 2 rests for my half and the endurance was no problem.

    You don’t want to over-do things and wear yourself out. Rest days are REALLY important…even though they can make you feel lazy.

  4. The issue I’m having is putting the run map IN my blog. I click “put this in my blog” or whatever, and copy and paste that code that comes up…I pasted it in the HTML part so that’s not the issue…but it comes up as two links…and not the actual picture of my route.

    Not sure what’s making it do that…

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