Aerobics class and Thursday running

My running BFF Kim teaches an aerobics class on Wednesday night and I really didn’t know how much I missed Jazzercise until I went with her on Wednesday, it was so much fun!  I would go on a regular basis, but it is so far away, I say so far, it’s not that far, and I hope Kim will let me ride with her again at least once a week so I can keep going, it was a blast!  and I have to say, I was a little sore the next day.

Thursday was weird, Kim and I met, we were supposed to run, but something happened, we didn’t run, we walked for an hour, we were both tired, the morning was cool and we should have run, but we made one loop around the lake I had to stop at the bathroom and we never started running again, we never asked one another if we wanted to walk, we just walked and walked, and then went to Starbucks 🙂

I really didn’t feel guilty about not running until later in the day, I started thinking, you should have run, now you are going to have two rest days in a row you big dummy, and the thoughts in my head would not stop!  So, I laced up the running shoes and headed back to Lakewood at 6pm and ran for 4 miles and it was a little warmer than it was at 6am, a lot warmer!  Anyway, got my miles in at an average 10:32 pace, yippee, I don’t know where the energy came from, I was a total pig all day, eating, packing, eating, packing, who knows, but I got my miles in, ta da!


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  1. Great job getting your running/workouts done!!!!!!
    I can see you getting stronger, both on the Sunday and Tuesday runs you were pulling me!!!
    I have always told you that when you built your endurance you would be fast… I still stand by that and I can see it happening!!! 🙂

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