San Francisco Marathon Countdown – 3 days

Well we made it to San Francisco and so far everything has been great! It’s been a little cooler than I would like, we are all wearing jeans and jackets or sweatshirts, very chilly.

We started off early this morning with a layover in Phoenix, then into San Francisco about 12:30 PST, we got info on the BART and took the train to our hotel, which is super nice, Hilton near Union Square. Once we dropped our suitcases off and changed into warmer clothes we had to find something to eat, so far everything has been easy to find. After a quick lunch we headed to Niketown (big disappointment), well I guess I’m not sure what we were expecting, but Niketown wasn’t doing it for us. So we stopped in some other shops before we saw the temple which looked like Chinatown so we headed that way.

Yes, it was Chinatown and Michele was loving it, but after a few shops, they were all the same to me and Annette, but we looked and looked and looked. We took quite a few pictures before heading back to the hotel for the free appetizers that ended at 7:00pm. We made it back with only about 15 minutes to spare, we made quick work of the food! We were really tired, it had been a long day and to us it was almost bed time.

We really haven’t even talked about the marathon, the only thing we’ve talked about is the weather, did we bring the right clothes? will we be too cold? after today we were kind of concerned, I brought a throw away jacket, thank goodness, I also brought a pair of fleece pants and long sleeve tee to wear after the marathon.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Expo after Bailey gets her around 1pm, not sure what will be doing in the morning, probably more walking around the city.

Here are some pictures from today. Wish us good luck.

Michele and Annette - Chinatown

Michele and Annette - Chinatown

View from Hotel

View from Hotel


San Francisco Marathon Countdown – 4 downs

It’s Taper Madness time!! Only 4 days until the marathon and it is crazy getting ready, things to pack, lists to make, runs in the heat!!!

Last night was my Tuesday Night Running Clinic, hottest clinic yet! I’m guessing it was high 90’s maybe even 100, thank goodness Coach Dennis had us on a modified workout, 1 mile warm up, 1 mile strides, and then cool down, we all hate the strides so we modified the workout (sorry Coach Dennis). It was me, Annette and Bailey, we did about 1.25 mile warm-up and then instead of running on the blazing hot track we took off in the shaded neighborhood for a couple of miles. We ended up with 3 miles at around a 11:00 per mile pace, taper madness!

I planned on stopping by to see my kitties on my way home, but never could get anyone on the phone, I thought about just stopping by, but I thought that might be a bad idea. I really miss them and want to see them before I leave tomorrow, maybe I can see them tonight.

This morning I’m running with Kim, she is out there right now getting in about 3 miles while I’m typing this. I just checked the weather, it’s 82 degrees at 5:45am, the humidity is 65% and the dewpoint is 69 degrees, so it feels like 85. Can you believe that? It’s still dark out and it feels like 85!! She’ll be back in a few minutes to pick me up and we’ll run about 5 miles. It will be my last “longish” run before the marathon, YEAH!!

Just got back from my run with Kim, whew, it was warm, but I don’t think it was any hotter than it has been, yes the temperature was warmer, but I guess it’s all relative, summer runs with sweat rolling down your elbows means it’s just hot! We had a good run, my customary stop at the bathroom, ran up all the hills, couple of stops for traffic and one walk break, ended up with 5.10 miles at an average pace of 10:29 per mile, and the best part? no side stitch and my back/shoulder blade didn’t hurt either. This was the first day in a long time where neither one bothered me, if only the marathon goes as well I’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

Kim had a little marathon gift bag for me, it was a surprise really, she had a bag of frosted animal cookies, couple of Luna bars, pair of Nike socks, some chocolate covered mints, dark chocolate covered almonds and some Hershey dark chocolate sticks, do you see a theme here?? I love that kind of stuff and she knows it! Some of it will be going in my suitcase, especially the chocolate and luna bars.

Tomorrow morning we will be heading to the airport, our flight is at 7:30 am, I think Annette’s husband, Arland, is taking us to the airport, which will be much appreciated and then we have a short layover in Phoenix. Once we get to San Francisco we are taking the train to our hotel, I’m not sure what we’ll do tomorrow, but I’m sure we’ll find something. On Friday we will wait on Bailey to get in and then head to the Expo to pick up our packets and enjoy the fun, then we head to Bailey’s Mothers house in San Jose to spend the night there, on Saturday night we come back to San Francisco to spend the night. It goes on. But, I’m taking my laptop and will hopefully be able to keep everyone posted as the festivities get underway.

Keep those good thoughts for us coming!! Got tons of stuff to finish up today so I’m not sure if I’ll get another post in before I leave in the morning. I finally got my camera software loaded on this computer, so if your really bored here are some pictures of my beautiful hardwood floors and a squirrel who was eating some grapes I put out for the rabbit or whoever wanted them.

Living Room

Living Room



San Francisco Marathon Countdown – 6 days

OMG – 6 days to go and about 30 degrees cooler, we won’t know how to act or run!! It’s been really hot and humid the last few days and I think Kim and I both caught some sort of stomach bug, we’ve both been struggling with our stomaches and Kim never has stomach problems. I’ve been feeling blah and sick to my stomach since Friday, and I think her issues started on Saturday, but we are not quitters and we just keep on running!

Yesterday I think Kim needed 9 miles and I just wanted a recovery run, we decided to do the flat loop around the lake, the bathroom was there too, just in case. It was a very humid morning and I did some research on dew point, it’s the amount of water vapor in the air, yesterday morning it was 71, which means a lot of water in the air, when it gets up to about 75 people call it soupy because the air is “thick”, feels like you can cut the air and you can’t breathe, and it was true, it was thick and hard to breathe. It was all we could do to get our miles in, Kim had already run 4 when she got back to my house and we ran almost 5 more before collapsing in a pile of sweat.

Customary as Sunday mornings go we looked at the Sunday Target ad online and couldn’t resist and headed to Target, they had a great deal on a microwave and so I am now in the 21st Century, it’s still in the box, but I have a microwave. They also had some great deals on storage solutions and we both bought some sort of cube/wire thingy, I think it will work in my closet for office supplies, it was $12.99.

The rest of the day was spent organizing and cleaning closet shelves, I did get a lot done, but you can’t really tell from looking. I typed a lot of descriptions out to put some stuff on ebay when I get back from San Francisco, and also separated stuff for the huge yard sale I plan on having in the fall.

Storage is a big issue, no attic and only 3 drawers in the kitchen, THREE, look in your kitchen, how many drawers do you have? Be thankful for each and every one of them, I am drawerless 😦

Today Kim arrived about 5:40, I was still scuffling around, dressed, but scuffling, she had 10 miles on her schedule and I really had no idea what I needed, probably a rest day! But, I knew I wouldn’t be running much later in the week, so 5 would do for me. We started out toward the lake and I could hear my stomach sloshing a bit, kind of like I heard Kim’s yesterday, and I thought oh no, not this morning, I don’t have the energy or patience to deal with this today. We ran past the bathrooms, up to McCain where we cross and we had to turn around, I had to go back to the bathroom. Once there I couldn’t even go, I don’t think I had anything left, it’s been that kind of weekend.

I thought I could probably make it through our run, and of course I knew where the next pit stop was, just in case. I also decided to run all the hills today, no walk ups, San Francisco would have hills and I needed the workout, so we ran all the hills, we just kept running, with only a couple of walk breaks at intersections for traffic. No more stomach issues this morning, thank goodness. When we got back to my house I had 5.5 miles, and felt pretty good, sweat dripping from every limb, but I only had one side stitch that didn’t last too terribly long, so it wasn’t as miserable as it’s been lately. UNTIL, I walked into the house and my shoulder blade/back started hurting, right away I started getting nauseated, what the hell? This happened on Saturday too, when I stopped running my back started hurting and the only thing that will make it stop is to sit down or run. This sucks, what the hell could it be? I have no idea and I know if I go to the doctor they won’t know either, it’s in such an odd place and it happens at such an odd time, always while I’m running or right after. Hopefully it won’t happen in the marathon.

Tomorrow is our Tuesday night Running Clinic, I’m sure Coach Dennis will have Annette and I on some modified run since the marathon is so close, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Bye for now.

Two hot runs – Marathon Countdown 8 days

The temperature around here is definitely warm, okay, okay, it’s HOT! Well, it is the middle of summer and what would you expect in Arkansas but Hot and Humid! Nothing less.

Kim came over late yesterday afternoon to finish up her 20 mile run for the day, she was doing her long run yesterday because she knew I was doing my taper this week, that was very nice of her, so I was going to run the last 5 miles with her, we knew it would be a lot warmer than our usual 6am runs, and it was. She got here around 4:30 and we both decided we didn’t want any hills, that’s hard to do in Lakewood, our only option was to run around the lake, it’s shady and relatively flat, so we would have to make 3 long loops and 2 short, that was our plan.

It was about 5pm when we started and HOT, probably around 90 degrees and very humid, we were sweat soaked after our first loop. We put our water in the shade and ever loop we would stop and get a drink, it was a relief. On loop 3, which was a little over 3 miles I was not feeling well, we were running at a brisk pace, it’s hard to run slow when you’re wanting to get it over with and it’s flat. I had to sit down for a few seconds just to get my breath, I was pouring sweat and breathing hard. Just 2 more miles. Lap 4 was the same, I had to stop and sit down, get a drink of water and catch my breath, not used to running in the afternoon at all! Only one more mile to go, on our last lap we took our water and headed back, we didn’t get quite 5 miles, but we were both okay with what we did get, it was miserably humid!! Our average pace ended up being 10:22, which we thought was pretty decent considering the heat.

Today my mileage was 8 miles, I checked the weather at 5:15am, 80 degrees with 83% humidity, Holy Crap! Thank goodness it will be about 20 degrees cooler in San Francisco next week. Met Kim at Target at 5:35, a little late since my stomach rebelled against me right when I was ready to leave the house, this may not end up being a great 8-miler.

We headed to the meet spot for this weeks Little Rock Marathon Training, the State Capitol, there were lots of runners today, I was already trying to figure out where the first bathroom was after I picked up our route sheet. Not good, it was at least 2 miles away on Kavanaugh. The longer we stood there the more I had to go to the bathroom, by the time Tom got on top of his car and shouted “Good Morning Crackheads” I knew I would have to find a bathroom BEFORE we started running. I told Kim and she understood, we jumped in my car and headed to the nearest restaurant, McDonald’s. Of course, it was in the worst part of town, I told Kim to keep the doors locked while I ran in, there was even a sign on the bathroom door “for customers only, see cashier for key”, luckily it was not locked. Took care of things and headed back out, feeling much better.

We had wasted 10 minutes, not bad, considering driving to McDonald’s and back. Our first two miles were uphill, that was tough, but we did catch up to the walkers about mile 1, that was a good feeling, at least we wouldn’t be last again! We kept moving on and actually caught some other people, my stomach was doing okay, what was really bothering me was my side, I don’t know if it’s side stitches or muscles, just don’t have a clue really. I had one high, under my ribs and one low, right above my hip bone, both on the right side, the pain lasted the whole way back, a couple of times I had to completely stop running.

Once we got back down to the Capitol we were at a little over 6 miles, our route was going to take us into the “hood”, we’ve been on the route 4-6 times before, if not more, but it’s always been early in the morning, it was now about 7:30am and people were out. We were running on this main street and I was feeling really tired, my legs were heavy, my side hurt and I was paranoid. We were supposed to run down to 16th Street and up to Central High School, we made an executive decision to run another block and turn around. We didn’t want to die in a drive by, and that’s what I was feeling. Who cares if we only get 7.5 miles? Not me!!

We turned around and I think Kim picked up the pace a bit, it was that kind of neighborhood. We made it back in one piece with no extra holes!! It was Starbuck’s time, the closest one was at Baptist Hospital, I was going to drop Kim off and circle the parking lot, there was a cop standing out there who stopped her and said “are you going to Starbucks?” they didn’t open till 8:30. WHAT? OMG, this is insane, then I had to think, where is another one? Chenal, we weren’t far away, drove out there and when we walked in there were probably 10 people in line. It took forever, we finally got our drinks and headed to the Farmer’s Market. Kim bought lots of fresh fruits and veggies, me none, I just was not feeling that great. This time it was my shoulder blade/back, it was making me nauseated, so food was not what I wanted, a bed sounded better. I sound like a big whiner….

We then headed to Linen’s n Things, I bought new sheets and new pillows, then I dropped Kim off at her car, I think we were both just tired, the heat just took it out of us last night and this morning. I have lots of things I need to do today, not sure what I’ll get done, right now I want to take a nap.

Our pace for this morning was about a minute slower than last night, lots of hills and a few walk breaks made the difference. How the hell am I going to be able to run that marathon next Sunday, after this mornings run, maybe I should stick to walking.

It’s freaking hot!

Don’t get me wrong, I love summer, but I’m walking out the door to meet Kim for an 8 mile run, it’s 5:20am on Saturday morning, just checked the weather, it’s 80 degrees with 83% humidity. UGHH!

San Francisco Marathon countdown – 10 days

Next Thursday at this time I should be in San Francisco, probably awe struck! Yes, I’ve been to California before, but not San Francisco, I’m very excited, I’ve heard nothing but great things and I’m sure we will have an excellent time and a great marathon too, can’t forget why we’re going!

Linda from Gymnotes sent a list of places for us to try and visit, she lives about an hour away, so she had lots of good suggestions. She also mentioned coming down to see the marathon, that would be neat if I could actually meet her, I gave her my bib number, but there will be thousands of runners, what are the odds? it’s going to be a crazy day!!

This morning I slept in a little, 6am, felt pretty good, I probably could have slept longer, but I made myself wake up from a crazy dream about a rhinoceros that had gone wild in this multi-level shopping area and it was headed for a group that included me, it was a bizarre dream, my Aunt Martha was in it with this Safari outfit, some guy was trying to take my shoes off, but I wouldn’t let him because I needed a pedicure, weird. Anyway I got out and ran my measly little 3.13 miles, but at a brisk pace of 9:59, so I was done in about 30 minutes, felt pretty good, no stomach issues today. Lots of people out walking this morning and lots of geese out by the lake, prepared for their morning aerobics class.

Got back home and started making coffee, 1/2 decaf of course, and the Termite people show up, part of the buying a house thing I think. Then I cut up boxes to lay on the hardwood floors for the guys from Lowe’s who would be delivering my new washer and dryer, I cannot wait! Well by 9:00 they were here, I was so excited, the guy said, uh I haven’t installed many of those washing machines, you better read your manual. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. It’s a Fisher & Paykel, very energy efficient top loader, I did my research. We shall see, I’m washing my first load now.

Tomorrow will be a hot run, Kim can’t get here till later in the day so we will swelter it out sometime midday, I’ve been eating lots of pretzels today, does that mean I have extra salt to sweat? Doesn’t seem like I’ve run much this week, I guess since I didn’t run at my running clinic it threw me off, and Saturday, no long run, I will not know what to do with myself!

Washing machine just beeped, first load complete!

San Francisco Marathon – 11 days

We will be leaving a week from tomorrow for San Francisco!  Yippee, very excited, I’ve never been and can’t wait.  I checked the weather forecast and it’s perfect running weather, the highs don’t even get about 70 degrees!! Our low temperature is like 74!  I’ll be freezing.  I’ll be packing sweatshirts and jeans and I haven’t seen those clothes since March.

I took a rest day yesterday, normally Tuesday is my running clinic night in Cabot, but somehow I had made my hair appointment for last night, I always make my appointments in advance and she usually just gives me a date and time, I must not have known it was on Tuesday.  Oh well, it is my taper week, so I spent part of last night getting a cut and color which I desperately needed, didn’t need to fork over another $100.00, but a girl has to keep up her looks.

This morning Kim came over for our customary run, she usually runs a couple of miles and then swings back by to pick me up, not today, as I like to say “she wasn’t feeling it”.  So we get out the door a little early this morning and lucky for us the humidity was down some, not nearly as steamy as usual.

When we start out it’s still a little dark, the days are definitely getting shorter, our first pass by the lake I have to make a stop at the bathroom, I usually always have to, it’s like the running gets things moving around and I have to go just in time for the bathroom.  Today after I go to the bathroom I’m still not feeling “right”, but we start running again, around mile 2 my stomach is not cooperating and I have to walk for a bit, this is not good.  I have already got a plan in my head, there is a Kroger store not too much further ahead, so we run some, walk some until we get to the store.  I use the facilities and when I come out I am not feeling good at all, I feel nauseated and just sick, I just want to lay down.  Kim asks if we should turn back, but I want to walk some and see if this sick feeling goes away and soon it does, but not completely.

We were able to run most of the way back home, but there were a few times when I just had to stop, just felt sick to my stomach, maybe a bug, I didn’t eat anything new at all yesterday so I don’t know what it could be.  I’m feeling just okay now, not great, not bad, drinking a cup of coffee, hopefully it won’t come back, I have a marathon to run in 11 days!!

Anyway we did get 5 miles in this morning and it would have been a pretty decent run if it hadn’t been for my stomach.  Tomorrow I’m going to run 3 miles around the lake by myself and then come home and patiently wait on my new washer and dryer, it’s a good thing too, because I’m out of underwear.  I have one more pair to put on after I shower.  I’m sure everyone wanted to know that, Cheryl is on her last pair of undies, well not really, I have others, but of the ones I like to wear.  But I am out of running clothes, I have something to wear tomorrow and then nada, I haven’t been to the nasty laundry mat in 10 days, and so all the running gear has been worn, at least bottoms anyway, plenty of tops, no bottoms.  Hope they get here early so I can start doing the laundry, YIPPEE!!