I should be painting

This is going to be short and sweet, here goes –

Ran 4 miles with Kim 6am

Closed on my house yesterday at 8:30

Unloaded my card table/chair/laptop/cleaning stuff/paint stuff/snacks/rags/water/paper towels 9:30am

Started working and then would sneak off and do things around the new house

Annette brought lunch – woohoo – I was starving – Thanks!!

Floor guy came for estimate of refinishing floor

Annette had to go back to work, helped pick out paint

Another floor guy came another estimate

Kim came over to help clean, she was working on windows, yuck, they must not have been cleaned in years.  Then I couldn’t stand it and had to help!  Thanks Olga, uhh I mean Kim!

Decided to buy paint and start painting before the floors get refinished, all rooms getting floors refinished, except kitchen and bath, all getting paint too.  Headed to Home Depot, expensive trip.

Started painting, painted until 9:30, then we both headed out, no I didn’t spend the night in my new house.

Today – I thought I was going to change one of the colors we painted last night, but today it’s better.  Much better.

Kim and Stephanie started painting again, around 10, I started helping at lunch, we got most of the living room/dining room and one bedroom done.

6:00 tonight is the running clinic and I’m pooped, will paint again tonight and get as much done as possible, tomorrow they start on the floors, they will look great!  Hope it helps with the musty smell.

Oh, and my butt is killing me from this folding chair


5 Responses

  1. Watch out for the fumes!

  2. Your house is going to be gorgeous!

  3. Home Depot is always an expensive trip . . . I always try and stick with my list.

  4. I’ve very happy w/the progress we’ve made so far!! Even though we’re sore and tired, your house will be the prettiest on the block 🙂

  5. You’ll have to post photos. 🙂

    I’m just stopping by since you’re now part of the AOR temam.


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