Hot Run

With the new house and working every night painting and cleaning I’ve been really tired, Kim comes over everyday to help and it has really been a huge, huge help, but I’m still pooped. We usually run early in the morning to get it out of the way and stay a little cooler, but yesterday I wanted to get up and paint before the floor guys came back to sand the floors again, this would be one of the last days I could paint without worrying if I got paint on the floors. So, in my crazy brain I thought we could run after Kim came over after her spinning class at 1:30, it’s hot at 1:30.

Well, I did get a lot done before the floor guys showed up, but man did I pay for it when we decided to run at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Kim needed 6 miles to finish out her day, she had already run 3 earlier in the day, so since I hadn’t gotten any real mileage all week it sounded like a plan, until we started running and I felt like it was my first day. I think it must have been around 90 degrees, there was a breeze, but it really didn’t matter and on top of that we took a route that is usually shaded because we run it in the mornings, well at 2:30 in the afternoon, no shade.

It was all I could do to get through those 6 miles, it was miserable!!! Not so much the heat, but I just couldn’t catch my breath, I would run then have to walk, run, walk. I was so glad when it was over. I felt bad for Kim, putting up with my whining and complaining. We did get it done though, thank goodness, when we got back to my house we treated ourselves to an ice cold Diet Mt. Dew and then we started painting.

We finished my bedroom and then started on the office, we stopped at around 8:30 pm, we got all the walls painted, all that’s left in that room is the ceiling, trim and touch up. We were pooped and decided to call it a night.

This morning we met bright and early for a quick run, neither one of us had a pep in our step, we eeked out 3 miles, but I don’t know how, we were just tired, this week has really taken a toll. We did save a white duck from a dog that was loose, so our run was a success. We also ran into 2 people that Kim and I both know, so it was an eventful run, if not productive.

After the run we made coffee, which was very yummy, it wasn’t long before the floor guys showed up with sanders, Kim and I stayed in the Kitchen, she got busy cleaning out the fridge and cabinets while I worked, we were going to paint tonight but the floor guys ended up putting the first coat of gloss, or whatever you call it on the floor, so we can’t get on the floors till tomorrow, night of rest, we both need it.

I forgot to mention my Tuesday Night Running clinic, like anyone gives a crap, I like to put it down in case I want to look back, but we did all of our speed work at Interval pace, 1×400, 1×800, 2×400, 2×200, we also did a 1.5 mile warm-up too. I only ended up with 3 miles for the night, but man, I was beat! Here are my stats for the clinic –
mile 1 – 10:51 warm-up
mile 2 – 9:36 best 6:18 where did that come from?
mile 3 – 8:46 best 8:28

I’ll try and get some before/after pictures posted of my floors and the painting, you will be amazed, I know I am!!


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  1. I can’t wait to see photos! 🙂

    Happy 4th of July.

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