Running Clinic – Speed Work?

Tonight was my Tuesday Night Flyers Running Clinic in Cabot, since I’ve moved to North Little Rock, the commute is a little longer, not liking that, it’s taking around 45 minutes to get there, but coming home is better, not as much traffic.  I hate traffic.  No we don’t have much here in Central Arkansas, but when you’re just trying to get to an event once a week, you don’t get used to it.  I used to drive in the traffic every day and you do get accustomed to it.  Oh yes the clinic.

Tonight Coach Dennis had pumped up the workout a little bit, we were to do our normal 1.5 mile warm up which I did with Kelly and Annette, then we were ready for our sort of speed work, I’m not really sure if I should call it speed work, Dennis never calls it that, so I don’t know if it really is, but here is our workout – 2 x 200s at Repetition Pace for the girls that were running with us, about 1:00, the first 200 was about 50 seconds, way, way too fast, the second one much better.  Then 4 x 400s at Interval pace, for us about 2:15, we were spot on 4 out of 4 times.  Then 2 more 200s at Repetition pace, on our first one Dennis yelled “I’m timing you guys”, I thought we were perfect, but Annette said we were at 55 seconds, we jogged/walked till we got around the track and then did our last one, right on the money.  Dennis did notice we did the first one too fast, but we told him we did the second one at the prescribed pace, he was happy with that.

After a couple of cool down laps I had just over 4 miles and was starving.  It was time to head out, I stopped and picked up a salad at Wendy’s and got home just before 8pm.  Watched the season finale of Hell’s Kitchen, took a shower and here I am, posting.  I really needed to go and pick up some boxes and see the kitties, I miss them terribly.  Tons to do, but just too pooped.

Here are the stats from tonight –

  1. 10:47
  2. 10:27   best 5:41 (way too fast 200m)
  3. 9:35     best 8:07 (more like it)
  4. 10:03   best 6:29 (last 200s)

I do like seeing those fast times even though I know I could never run more than a 400 at that pace 🙂


2 Responses

  1. YES that was speedwork!! And you were very speedy last night!!!!
    Miss Cheryl McSpeedster!

  2. Sounds like speedwork to me! You did a great job!

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