Lucky running spot

I’m a lucky girl, I have the perfect place to run from, my new house, I just open the front door and out I go. This is what I was thinking about this morning when I was running by myself. Kim has started back to school for the summer session and couldn’t run with me this morning. I actually slept in, I didn’t wake up until a little after 6am, I stayed up painting the ceiling in the extra bedroom, what a chore, me no likey. Once I got up and got around it was 6:30 before I headed out. I was hoping for a cooler morning since we had a big storm move through yesterday, no such luck, it was mid 70’s and 85% humidity.

It’s different running alone, not bad, just different, you notice different things, one thing that’s been a trend lately is loose dogs around the lake. Today was no exception, I tried to get him to come to me, he had a tag, but he was very shy, looked like a fluffy collie, I don’t know dog breeds unless its a lab or cocker spaniel. The dog was just walking down the middle of the street, he wouldn’t come or get out of the street. There were quite a few people out walking, hopefully they looked after him.

I did the same morning loop Kim and I have been doing and ended up with 5 miles, it has a few killer hills, but it’s a good loop, not much traffic, a few good long stretches of flat running and we get to run by the lake too. Kim and I ran it yesterday and got almost 5 1/2 miles, we made a different loop around the lake than I did today. So, the 5 mile a day running seems to be working, keeping the fat off and it’s helping with my general running endurance too.

This weekend I am scheduled for 16 miles, a back down week, Annette wants me to run with her on Sunday and do 20 miles, that’s a thought, Kim has drill and wants me to run with her around 4:30 pm, I don’t know if I can run that late, it will be soooo hot! But, I guess I need to make a decision, it is Thursday after all.

I made one trip yesterday to get a load of boxes from my old house, I also got to love on my kitties, I miss them sooo much! Little George just purred, I just want to squeeze him, but he’s a touch me not for sure, he only wants to be petted and loved, can’t hold him too long. And Smokey, grouchy old thing, but he’s still a sweetie.

I painted the ceiling of the extra bedroom last night, could be a mistake, it made the room a little dark, since I used the same color that was on the walls instead of white, I do plan on putting up some molding which will help. I’m going to try and get some new pictures up soon, the floors make a huge difference, but it’s taking a lot longer than I would like. I still don’t have any furniture, need to really think about getting that taking care of.

I bit of running news, I am a member of the Inaugural American Odyssey Relay Team, it’s on April 29th, 2009, 12 runners, 200 miles. More information to come later, but it was something I was interested in and someone dropped out and I was able to join. I run 3 legs of the 36 leg race which starts in Gettysburg and ends in Washington, DC. Here’s the link to the official site. American Odyssey Relay

4 Responses

  1. Your relay sounds awesome!

  2. You did buy a house in the perfect running spot!!!! And for that I thank you 🙂

    I know how much you miss the kitties, but you’ll get things in order soon and they’ll be able to come to their new home.

  3. Oh how cool! I was going to do that race, but then decided to postpone until 2010. Maybe you took MY spot!

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