Where did the weekend go?

Wow – what a weekend, and not in a good way, I really don’t know where all the time went, it’s Monday morning and I’m exhausted, mentally and physically.

Friday – I didn’t run, rest day, but no rest for the weary, I was able to get one load of boxes from the old address and see my kitties, I miss them so much. Friday night was spent painting the ceiling of my office and I almost ran out of paint, I tried using one of those extension poles, what a pain in the butt! I ended up just going up and down the step stool. After that I lined the cabinets in the kitchen and got a few boxes unpacked. It was a early night, I worked until about 6pm and by 9pm I was ready for bed, but I guess it was about 10 before I actually got there, I had a 6am run scheduled with the Little Rock marathon group, nice and slow, I was planning on getting tons of stuff done tomorrow before the big move on Sunday. Funny how things just don’t always go as planned.

Saturday – Met the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at the River Market for a nice 6 mile run, I was by myself today, usually Kim is with me, but today she had drill.  The Farmer’s Market is today too, so when I get back I can get some coffee and some fresh produce.  Our route took us across the Broadway bridge into North Little Rock and onto part of the Little Rock Marathon course, those memories are still pretty fresh.  Once I was back in Little Rock and not in such a great area I heard a car coming up behind be, slowing.  Uh oh, I just kept running, I heard someone say, “Excuse me, ma’am”, I just looked over, it was a car full of guys, I slowed a bit, but kept running, “could you tell us where the Doubletree hotel is?”  I stopped, way away from their car and told them they were one block off and it was nearby on the corner of Markham and Broadway.  They said Thank you and took off, it was kind of creepy and I probably shouldn’t have stopped, but I guess I’m too trusting.

After I finished my run I dropped my water bottle grabbed some cash and a nice Skinny Hazelnut Latte from  Boulevard Bread and headed to the Farmer’s Market, lots of goodies.  I bought some peaches, tomatoes and a small black diamond watermelon.  So far, one peach is all I’ve had and it was juicy and delicious!

After the run I stopped at a couple of yard sales looking for some small appliances, toaster, microwave, printer, just things I lost in the break-up.  I ended up with a printer for $12.00 and a cat carrier for $5.00.  I was supposed to meet my Mom and Sister at Target, but I had some extra time so I came home and grabbed a granola bar.  Before very long it was time to head to Target, we spent way too much time in Target, my Mom was picking out some Patio Furniture (half price) for her porch and then the logistics of paying for it and getting it picked up by my step dad.  While we were in Target I got THE CALL I didn’t expect to receive, it was moving day, WHAT?  That’s supposed to be tomorrow, we had talked earlier in the week about moving my stuff and I thought the decision had been made for us do the move on Sunday, after my 20 mile run, I guess things can change without notice.  I had planned on cleaning out the storage shed and storage room so I would have a place to put stuff, I also wanted to get the trim painted in at least one of the rooms so that I could put all the boxes in one room.  Nope, not going to happen though.

After we finished shopping at Target my Mom and Sister followed me to my new house, this was their first time to see my house, it should have be a little more fun, but I had to get over to the old house to start moving.  I won’t bore you with all the details of the afternoon, but I think we made about 4 trips, but didn’t get everything moved, I have a ton of CRAP.  A lot more than I thought, luckily I can finish up on Sunday after my run, thunderstorms started rolling in and we called it a day.

After everyone left I didn’t know where to start, first things first, I was starving, I think my stomach was eating itself, it was about 5pm and I had not eaten all day, except for the peach and granola bar.  I went to Backyard Burger for a Chicken Sandwich and fries, of course the Customer Service was non-existent, can I get a Thank you?  no.

Tomorrow was the 20 mile run with Annette, Bailey and Michelle, we were going to start running at 5am, which meant I had to meet them at 4:45am at Target, I wanted to get to bed early, you know how that goes, I was tired, but couldn’t sleep, too much going through my mind, when I did finally go to sleep it was filled with weird dreams and then I woke up at 3:15, of course before the alarm went off.

Sunday 20 miler –  I checked the forecast before I left the house, 40% chance of isolated thunderstorms, temperature at 5am 72 with 92% humidity, the forecast until about 10am showed the temperature getting higher, but the humidity going down some, but still the chance of rain lingered, I took my hat just in case.

We parked on Commerce street in Little Rock, right in the heart of the River Market, on Sunday morning not a lot going on.  We walked for a few minutes right down the middle of the street, no traffic at 5am, we headed for the River Trail by taking the same route I was on yesterday, over the Broadway Bridge into North Little Rock.  We were doing a 14 mile loop, adding on after the Big Dam Bridge toward I-430, and adding on around the President Clinton Library.

I had forgotten my sunglasses, well I wouldn’t be needing them, what I needed was full rain gear!  It started sprinkling about 2 miles into the run, not bad at all, very light sprinkles on and off for the first 7 miles, it kept us cool, we were still sweating, but the sprinkles would cool us off.  Once we got to the Big Dam Bridge, to bottom fell out, it started pouring down, it was not fun, we kept running, we were on the long stretch toward the I-430 bridge, no cover until you get to the bridge, I think it’s probably a good 2 to 21/2 mile out and back.  We got to the bridge where we were ringing out our clothes and then everyone just starts running or walking again, WHAT?  You guys don’t want to wait until it slacks up a bit?  No, they are rain runners!  We ran down to the boat launch area where there was a port-a-potty, I didn’t need to go, but a couple of the girls went, while we stood there in the pouring rain like drowned rats, we must have been a sight.  What I really don’t like about running in the rain is my feet being wet, the squishy feet and then blisters, what if I get blisters?  Hate those.

The rain slacked up some on the way back to The Big Dam Bridge, Annette’s phone rang and it was Kelly, she was going to run with us, but instead decided to bring us replenishments, ice, water, gatorade, gels, sports beans, pretzels, so Anette and I couldn’t wait to get back to the Bridge and Murray Park.  It was good to see Kelly, and it was super nice of her to drive all the way from Cabot just to bring us some water and food.  We would have been fine without it, but it was great to have extra, the ice and pretzels especially, cold water is the best!

We hated to leave her, it would have been pretty easy to just stay there or jump in her nice dry car 🙂  The miles started getting harder.  I stopped a couple of times when the rain let up and squeezed out my orthotics, it helped some, the squish, squish with every step was really annoying.  We were now on the dreaded long stretch from the Big Dam Bridge to Titus Trail, this is the same route when you are on the Little Rock Marathon, Mile 21-24, it sucks and I don’t like it.  It’s boring as hell, just a long straight stretch of nothingness, well there are some office buildings and apartments once you get on Riverfront Drive, but it was the worst part of the Marathon for me and now when I run it that’s what I think about, it’s hard to get it out of my head.

Once we made it to Titus Trail, we were close, or close enough, we only had to run up Dillard’s hill, which Annette and I walked up and then run down Markham to the River Market.  Well, when we started getting close to the River Market we had to decide where we were going to make up another mile, so we decided to go toward the Art’s Center, so we were going to run down to Cumberland, turn right, run to 9th Street, turn left, and then down toward the Interstate and make a left toward the Clinton Library and back to Annette’s car.  We did turn on Cumberland, but turned on 8th instead of 9th (less traffic) and then zigzagged our way toward the Library where I was informed that everyone else wanted to get 21 miles, oh no, not me, give me the key, I want out of these wet shoes, so I turned toward the car and they turned toward the Library.

I was so happy to see that car, where I could ditch the fuel belt and take off my wet shoes and socks, of course I had to put them back on, but still.  I put them back on and walked around the block and could see the girls coming up the street from the Library, apparently they took a deep in the Infinity pool, don’t ask me, but I bet Annette has some pics posted on her blog.  We walked around the block one more time and then they took off running AGAIN, what the hell!  Those crazy girls!  Apparently they weren’t up to 21 yet.

They finally were happy with their mileage and we went down to Andina’s for coffee and a snack, I had the worst muffin ever and they had bagels and then it was off to my car at Target.  Poor Bailey took her shoes and socks off and had blisters, ouch, I didn’t see any on my feet, thank goodness, but my legs and feet were feeling the run.

When we got to Target we all decided we had to go in for one thing or another and yes we were still soaking wet and the store was freezing, I was one big goosebump, I shivered to whole time I was inside.  A few purchases made and we were out.  We said our goodbyes, I had to head out to get the rest of the moving done, hopefully the rain would hold off.  When I got in my truck it wouldn’t start.  Oh great, could my weekend get any better?  Probably.  I jumped out to catch Annette and she came over and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong, it was ticking, like a bomb.  So weird.  Bailey got the manual out and we thought it was the theft deterrent system because the theft light was flashing really fast and we couldn’t lock or unlock the doors, it was very bizarre.  This weirdness went on for about 15 minutes, Annette called Arland and he thought the battery might be dead.  But ultimately I called EX, he does know his Ford vehicles, he gave me some instructions to follow which didn’t work and then he said it was the battery, he showed up 45 minutes later with a new battery, which worked.  Annette, Bailey and Michele stayed around with me until they had to leave, great girls!

After the truck fiasco I headed to my house, changed out of my disgusting wet clothes, ate half a turkey sandwich and headed to the old house to pack up another load of CRAP, he already had his truck loaded and we came back here and unloaded.  I was all prepared to go back and get more, but he said No, he had plans, come back later.  Well, this gave me time to get both the shed and storage room cleaned out, how disgusting they both were, I don’t know how many years they’ve gone neglected, but they are better now.  I also went to the laundry mat, that was no fun at all, and not cheap either.  Picked up some Chinese food on the way home, starving again, ate my dinner, finally took a shower, disgusting as a pig!  Unpacked a few boxes and collapsed.

I know I probably missed a few things, but you get the picture, it was a busy, busy weekend, I can’t believe it’s over and I feel like I didn’t get a thing done, even though I know I did.  The 20 miles seems like an old memory and it was just 24 hours ago.


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  1. Good job on getting that 20 knocked out! You guys are ready for the big one again!!!

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