San Francisco Marathon Countdown – 18 days

Holy Crap!  Only 18 days until my second marathon in one year!  I must be insane, who talked me into this?  I think it was Annette, yes, I’m certain of it, and we all know how crazy she is!!  I don’t think I’m any more ready for this marathon than I was for Little Rock, except I know what to expect, tiredness 🙂   I’ve done my long runs, trained, done my hill workouts, done my speed work, am I ready?  Nah, not really.  I could use another solid month of training, I should have started training a month earlier!  I had the time, just didn’t do it!  Oh well, this too will be okay.  I’ve put in a YouTube of part of the course, it’s pretty cool, about 6 minutes long, I’ve watched it more than once.

I had my running clinic last night and I just didn’t want to go, I just wanted to lay down and take a nap, that’s what I really wanted, but I dragged my lazy butt up off my air bed, running shorts on, top on, water bottle filled and off to Cabot I went.  Of course it was fine once we got started.  We had a nice little group, about 5 or 6 of us did a warm-up run and then we did the Intermediate work out, 4×400 at Interval pace, 2×200 at Repetition Pace, 2xStrides and then a couple of cool down laps.  I ended up with almost 4 miles, I was wanting more, but too pooped to care.  We ran our repetition laps way too fast as usual, fast is hard on me, I like slow much better.

Nothing exciting or weird happened last night, sorry to disappoint, there was talk about our long rainy run on Sunday, Annette kept talking about how AWESOME it was and I kept reminding her how RAINY it was.  She loved it, I on the other hand could have done without the torrential down pours.

This morning Kim came over and ran a couple of miles and then I joined her, we ran our early morning loop and I ended up with 5.5 miles, I probably should have run longer, but my legs were a lot more tired than I realized from last night, so I decided 5.5 was good for the day, I have some more moving to do tonight, that will be my cross training.   The weather has been wonderful, yes it’s still warm/hot, but not the normal middle of July we normally have.  This morning when we reached North Hills Blvd. it was about 6:50am and 75 degrees, but the humidity was so much lower it felt great!  I’m just enjoying it now because it will not last.  August is always steamy hot!

I will be running by myself in the morning, that’s always a struggle, Kim has so many things going on, she runs in between her exercise classes in Cabot on Thursday, I really don’t know where she gets the energy.  We are running on Friday this week, which is not the norm for us, but I didn’t run on Monday so there you go, got to make it up somewhere.

Well, I must get back to work.


2 Responses

  1. I always enjoy our morning runs!!! On most days, I’m not sure where I get the energy either….guess I’m working towards that Ultra marathon 🙂

    Of course you’re ready for San Fran….not a doubt in my mind.

  2. SF — wow wow wow! Good luck Cheryl!

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