Thursday/Friday updates

Time is flying by, work is hectic, the new house is getting attention, but there is so much to do, getting my runs in, but they are never what I want them to be.

On Wednesday night after a trip to see the kitties and pick up another load of miscellaneous stuff I started painting the washer and dryer nook, it was a ugly mess, I bought just white paint to give it a fresh look.  It’s in the bathroom, so not much room to work, but I got about half of it done before I went to bed.

I over slept on Thursday morning since Kim wasn’t coming over, I actually slept until 6:45, I can’t remember the last time I slept that late.  My brain was saying, oh it must be around 6:00, but when I looked at the clock I was shocked!  I needed to get a move on if I was going to get my 5-6 miles in, probably somewhere in the middle since it was so late and I needed to start work at 8:00am.

When I walked out of the house a little after 7:00am I noticed two doors down my neighbor was having a yard sale, I couldn’t resist, so I stopped by and introduced myself, she was a tiny lady, I was guessing in her late 70’s, come to find out she’s almost 90!  Then my other two elderly neighbors walked up from their morning walk and we all started talking.  I was also looking around at the stuff she had for sale, I haven’t even got room for the stuff I have still in boxes, I should be ashamed.  I did buy 3 vintage tablecloths, the kind with bright prints, they are so unique!  And they don’t take up much room.  Anyway, I didn’t get started on my run until 7:30am, gee, I need to speed it up.  I just ran around the lake a few times and got in 3.5 miles.  Good enough, had to be, work was calling!

My mom called and wanted to come over and help with the house, I told her I was working, but she was bored, she came over and helped finish up with the painting in the laundry area AND did a bang up job working in the front yard, she raked, swept, and sprayed round-up on some weeds.  I wasn’t able to help until I finished up around 4:30pm.  But, the front yard looks tons better, thank God for mothers!!

This morning as usual I wake up really early and have no idea what time it is and can’t go back to slept (obviously this didn’t happen Thursday), but most days it’s very annoying, my mind starts going 90 miles a minute and I can’t shut it off, so I just lay there, today I just got up, it was 5:00am when I finally got up after laying there I don’t know how long.  I got ready for my run, Kim was going to be here at 6:00am, I was hoping we would get in a nice easy 6 miles.  I had time to put out the trash, pick up some, use the bathroom more than twice, stomach not good today, sweep the kitchen, check the weather and straighten my card table/desk.

Kim got here a few minutes early and we took off, she said she didn’t feel well on Thursday and had some stomach issues of her own, but we are troopers and we will get our run in damn it!!  Not many folks out this morning, it was still as still could be, the lake was calm.

We have a running joke when we run by the lake in the mornings, on our first loop the ducks and geese are usually in the water and we say they are doing their water aerobics and we are on our last mile loop they are usually grooming or napping and we say, oh they must be cooling down from water aerobics.  Well, this morning there was this one goose, this brown one, who is very loud, out in the middle of the lake, honking like mad, so I commented it must be the water aerobics instructor trying to get everybody in line for class.  It was kind of funny, you had to be there, we make our own fun with the ducks and geese, we love them!  Especially the white ducks.

We ended up with a little over 5 miles, we both were a little tired today, it’s been a long week, we have 16 miles for my last long run tomorrow and it’s going to be a hot mofo if you know what I mean.  So there, we ran.


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  1. I know, what a treat that I was early for our run!!!! Hee, that doesn’t happen very often 🙂

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