16 plus miles long run

I’m going to try and write this post without falling face down on my keyboard, I’m pooped, just worn out, can’t go any longer, pooped.

For once Kim and I were smart and decided to get an extra early start on our Saturday run, we opted for 5:00am, it was going to be a scorcher today, no chance of rain, so we wanted to get started early before the sun started melting us into piles on sweat.

We met at Target at 4:40, I was late due to spilling a bottle water on my way out and stomach issues, but we still made it to the Arkansas Surgery Hospital and were running by 5:00 am.  It was the meet spot for the Little Rock Marathon Training group this week, Tom the all so awesome leader had sent us a 5 mile route, out and back, we would re-fuel, then do 11, out and back.  This would work for everyone, we would be back early and they wouldn’t have to wait on us.

It was kind of creepy at 5am, we had only run from this spot once before, but it was daylight.  The route took us 3/4 of a mile around the industrial area, there were actually people working at a construction site, and before we even got out of that area my stomach started hurting.  We found a port-a-potty, and thank God for the street light, because it was mighty dark in there, creepy too, but I had to go, this was 1 of 3 stops I had to make before mile 7.  We were off again, down Young Road which takes you to the Big Dam Bridge and onto the River Trail, when we first got on Young Road something low and dark scurried across the road, I think it was a skunk, Kim said armadillo, but it was too fast for an armadillo, I didn’t care as long as it stayed gone!

We saw a car up ahead near one of the lakes before you get to the river, I asked Kim what she thought they were doing, she said fishing, I said it’s too dark to be fishing they must be dumping a body or something, and as soon as we get a little closer there was a big splash, see, a body.  No, it wasn’t, but it was kind of funny.  Then we almost got run down by a cop car, good thing we jumped off the side of the road, geesh.

When we got on the River Trail (2nd port-a-potty break) it was still pretty dark, not pitch dark, there was a full moon, but dark enough, there’s this section that is really shady during the day, but this morning it was creepsville!  We picked up our pace quite a bit and I thought we were never going to come out of there, I had my eyes peeled looking for critters, snakes, monsters, wayward deer, whatever might jump out and get us, but of course we were just scaredy cats and made it through fine.

Our turnaround was close to the soccer fields and not long before we got there my stomach started doing flips again, so we decided we would run up to the bathrooms, hopefully they would be unlocked, this would add on mileage, but it would be less we would have to do later 🙂  The first bathroom we came to was unlocked, clean and had lights.  Kim ran some while I was inside, she wanted 18 miles today, craziness, long run already for the Chicago Marathon she’s running in October!

When I came out the sun was out in full force and we headed back, we missed our turn off on Campbell Lake road, Tom’s instructions said path after the wooden bridge, but the only path we saw was BEFORE the wooden bridge, so instead of turning around we kept going.  I’m glad we did, we got to see a family of deer cross the road, it looked like a Buck, Doe and two babies, how sweet.

When we were going up Young Road we saw all the 6am runners coming towards us, it was neat, lots of Good Mornings and Hello’s, how far are you running this week, that sort of thing.  We’ve been doing this Saturday morning thing for a while now, it will be a year for me next month.

When we got back to the start point we had 7.31 miles, yippee!!  only 9 to go, this is great, we got our fuel belts ate a couple of Honey Stingers, thank you Kim! and were ready to head out again when we couldn’t decide how far we should run out before we turn around, why is it you can’t do math after you have been running awhile?  This happens to us all the time, we are not stupid, we can add and subtract, but we knew that our route back would be a little bit shorter than our route out, so we just could not figure it out.  Finally we decided to run until my Garmin hit 12 miles and then we would turn around.  Thank goodness, it was getting frustrating just trying to add and subtract!

We went out the same way, but now it wasn’t dark so it didn’t seem the same.  We saw a couple of people coming in from there 6 mile run, lucky ducks!  It had started getting hot around mile 10, the sun was beaming and the sweat was a pouring, but we were doing good on our hydration.  When we got to mile 12 we ran into one of the guys that is always looking out for everyone else and he told us he had stashed an ice chest and it had ice, water and gatorade, it was about 1 mile back.

That ice chest was a God send!  I filled up one of my water bottles with half Gatorade half water and some ice, it was so cold and delicious, I added some ice to my other bottle.  Perfect.  Kim got some ice to chew on.  There is nothing like something ice cold when you are so hot, it really helps cool you off and lift your spirits a bit too!

I was really starting to feel the run, always around mile 11 or 12, downhill, today my stomach issues during the first 7 miles didn’t help, but that was long gone.  Now it was my heart rate, it was staying too high, around 165, and I just can’t run and run and run with it that high, it just wears me down.  I have to take a walk break till it comes down and then start again.  Last week it didn’t do that, not sure why this week, maybe I didn’t get enough sleep, or stress, I don’t know.

We did make it back, of course, I had 16.13 on my Garmin, so we did calculate our mileage out okay, I’m not sure how many Kim had when we stopped, but while I was being detained in the potty she had kept running, so she took off again and got her 18.  So we both were happy.

We changed our socks, tops, popped the top on a couple of Diet Cokes and we were off to Starbucks for our traditional Mocha Light Frappuccino.  We then went to the Container store where we made a couple of purchases, then on to Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor Loft and one Furniture Store.  After we left the Container Store we were both pretty much out of it, I think the shopping bug must have overheated or something, neither one of us had any mojo left.  We headed home.

This afternoon I decided to go to Lowe’s to look for a washer/dryer and ceiling fans for all the rooms.  Well, I found a washer and dryer I really, really wanted, until they rang it up at 1300.00, I told them to hold it until tomorrow.  $1300.00, OMG.  After that I couldn’t even look at the ceiling fans, I was sick to my stomach, I’m supposed to go back tomorrow and pay for it, I might, I’m going to Sears and see what they have first.  I could have probably gotten something about 200.00 cheaper, but this model is super energy efficient, saves tons of water, and that’s what I want.

Well, I need a Diet Coke or something to drink, all this typing has made me thirsty.  Tomorrow will be a 5-6 mile recovery run early in the morning, and then work has got to continue on this house, I’ve been a lazy bum today.


2 Responses

  1. I’m just a beginner training for a marathon with Team in Training, but I was so glad to read your post! I was wondering how people got through the longer runs and what they do for potty breaks. It’s nice to hear the “real stuff”. And you’re running in the heat like I am (Denver)! You go, girl!

  2. Why is it that diet coke fixes everything? wouldn’t it be nice if it could run 16 miles for you too!

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