San Francisco Marathon – 14 days

Two weeks from today is the San Francisco Marathon, am I ready? are you every ready for a marathon? I don’t know, I know I have doubts about myself, I look at my friends, Kim, Annette, Bailey and Michele all of who are running the San Fran Marathon, except Kim who is running Chicago, and I would say they are all prepared to run 26.2 miles, me, the jury is still out.

Today Kim and I ran a recovery run, neither one of us wanted to run hills so I had a bright idea for us to run our morning loop backwards. I guess we just didn’t know how good we had it in the mornings, it seemed as though we were running uphill most of the 5 miles. It was slow going, but that was fine with both of us, it was supposed to be a recovery run after all.

After our run I made coffee and since it was still early we looked at the morning ads online and decided to go to Kohl’s where I needed to return a vacuum cleaner, we bought a couple of items and headed to Sports Academy, Kim was looking for a special pair of New Balance shoes, which of course they did not have. Off to Lowe’s to pay for the washer and dryer I had picked out yesterday, its a Fisher & Paykel, very water efficient, big Energy Star rating, not much more than I would have paid for the Whirlpool I was looking at so I decided to go ahead with the huge purchase. When we were checking out Kim had a $25.00 off coupon, yippee!! that helped too. Then we stopped at Target where we both got quite a bit of items, nothing just frivolous and then we were tired, seems like all we do is run and shop.

I wasn’t home long when the phone rang, the ex-fiance wanted to bring over the lawn mower and other items, I really wanted to go over there so I could see the kitties, my heart aches so much when I think about them. While he was here we talked about the cats and he said I should just leave them with him so Smokey could come and go as he pleases, that I could adopt a new cat that could just be an inside cat, this made me very sad and teary eyed. I really want my cats here with me, I know that soon I’ll be traveling A LOT and it won’t be a good situation, but giving them up would be like giving up a child, Smokey is almost 10 years old!! George is not even a year old yet, he’s still a baby and needs me!! I miss them, but he knows that I want what is best for them, it is more dangerous here for Smokey, I’m a lot closer to heavy traffic and he might get run over. I need to put this away for awhile.

After he left I couldn’t go back in the house so I started working in the yard, so I’ve been outside since about 1pm, it’s now 4pm, yes it’s a hot mofo out there, my neighbor Buck (I think he must be about 80) has come out a couple of times to check on me and tell me that it’s 98 degrees. The yard looks like crap, the guy that lived here must have NEVER done a thing to it, other than let his dog shit in it. It’ll take me months to get it looking decent.

Gotta run.


4 Responses

  1. I second that…we really did nothing but run/shop this weekend. It was fun!

    In re to the kitties- I see both viewpoints, but I understand how difficult this is for you to think about. It’ll all work out for the best!

  2. You are ready for the marathon Cheryl. You have done one before and did great so this is just another walk in the park. You have already overcome the distance so now its time to have some fun with this one. You will do great!

  3. You’re ready! For sure! And I can’t wait to hear all about it!

    I bet your house is to die for. I’m sorry about the kitties.

  4. Marathons are a mind game at the best of times. At this stage there is nothing left to do but run it and have fun. (And tell those of us not running what fun (or hell) we are missing.)

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