Cat loyalty

I went over to see my kitties last night, one thing I noticed about my babies, they have no loyalty, not like dogs.  They recognize me and George purred when I scratched his chin, but he could care less if I wanted to hold him, he just wanted to go outside and play, Smokey just wanted away from George.

This makes me sad, I want them to miss me as much as I miss them, but that’s never going to happen, I’m human, they’re uhh not.  I just wonder if they’re happy, George has been chewing on the recliner’s lever, probably attacking it is more like it, Smokey doesn’t do much anymore, he’ll be 10 years old this year, George won’t even be 1 until October.

I’ve made friends with Geronimo the big Airedale whose owner’s fence backs up to mine.  He comes to the fence and wags his tail when I talk to him, on Sunday he stood up on the fence and let me pet him for the first time,  I have gone out every day to pet him, he used to bark at me and not wag his tail, I’m glad he’s finally gotten used to me.

The cats are so independent and that’s one thing I love about them, they can take care of themselves when I’m traveling or working, but they also could care less if I want to squeeze them or have them sleep on the bed with me.  I guess I can’t have my cake and eat it too.  It’s just sad that I want them to miss me, but they are happy where ever they are getting food and freedom.


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