San Francisco Marathon – 11 days

We will be leaving a week from tomorrow for San Francisco!  Yippee, very excited, I’ve never been and can’t wait.  I checked the weather forecast and it’s perfect running weather, the highs don’t even get about 70 degrees!! Our low temperature is like 74!  I’ll be freezing.  I’ll be packing sweatshirts and jeans and I haven’t seen those clothes since March.

I took a rest day yesterday, normally Tuesday is my running clinic night in Cabot, but somehow I had made my hair appointment for last night, I always make my appointments in advance and she usually just gives me a date and time, I must not have known it was on Tuesday.  Oh well, it is my taper week, so I spent part of last night getting a cut and color which I desperately needed, didn’t need to fork over another $100.00, but a girl has to keep up her looks.

This morning Kim came over for our customary run, she usually runs a couple of miles and then swings back by to pick me up, not today, as I like to say “she wasn’t feeling it”.  So we get out the door a little early this morning and lucky for us the humidity was down some, not nearly as steamy as usual.

When we start out it’s still a little dark, the days are definitely getting shorter, our first pass by the lake I have to make a stop at the bathroom, I usually always have to, it’s like the running gets things moving around and I have to go just in time for the bathroom.  Today after I go to the bathroom I’m still not feeling “right”, but we start running again, around mile 2 my stomach is not cooperating and I have to walk for a bit, this is not good.  I have already got a plan in my head, there is a Kroger store not too much further ahead, so we run some, walk some until we get to the store.  I use the facilities and when I come out I am not feeling good at all, I feel nauseated and just sick, I just want to lay down.  Kim asks if we should turn back, but I want to walk some and see if this sick feeling goes away and soon it does, but not completely.

We were able to run most of the way back home, but there were a few times when I just had to stop, just felt sick to my stomach, maybe a bug, I didn’t eat anything new at all yesterday so I don’t know what it could be.  I’m feeling just okay now, not great, not bad, drinking a cup of coffee, hopefully it won’t come back, I have a marathon to run in 11 days!!

Anyway we did get 5 miles in this morning and it would have been a pretty decent run if it hadn’t been for my stomach.  Tomorrow I’m going to run 3 miles around the lake by myself and then come home and patiently wait on my new washer and dryer, it’s a good thing too, because I’m out of underwear.  I have one more pair to put on after I shower.  I’m sure everyone wanted to know that, Cheryl is on her last pair of undies, well not really, I have others, but of the ones I like to wear.  But I am out of running clothes, I have something to wear tomorrow and then nada, I haven’t been to the nasty laundry mat in 10 days, and so all the running gear has been worn, at least bottoms anyway, plenty of tops, no bottoms.  Hope they get here early so I can start doing the laundry, YIPPEE!!


3 Responses

  1. One week to go! I have never been to SF.

  2. Oh man, you’re gonna love it here. When you go across the Golden Gate Bridge, make sure to look around, and take a breath. You won’t be disappointed. It’s simply amazing. I did the 12K in March, and I was transported by the beauty!

    The weather is gorgeous here! Happy and safe travels!

  3. I wouldn’t count myself lucky….I had to get the rest of my mileage in this afternoon! Next time, don’t let slack in the morning like that!

    I hope today was the beginning and end of your stomach issue. Positive thinking right now—you’ll be fine for your marathon 🙂

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