San Francisco Marathon countdown – 10 days

Next Thursday at this time I should be in San Francisco, probably awe struck! Yes, I’ve been to California before, but not San Francisco, I’m very excited, I’ve heard nothing but great things and I’m sure we will have an excellent time and a great marathon too, can’t forget why we’re going!

Linda from Gymnotes sent a list of places for us to try and visit, she lives about an hour away, so she had lots of good suggestions. She also mentioned coming down to see the marathon, that would be neat if I could actually meet her, I gave her my bib number, but there will be thousands of runners, what are the odds? it’s going to be a crazy day!!

This morning I slept in a little, 6am, felt pretty good, I probably could have slept longer, but I made myself wake up from a crazy dream about a rhinoceros that had gone wild in this multi-level shopping area and it was headed for a group that included me, it was a bizarre dream, my Aunt Martha was in it with this Safari outfit, some guy was trying to take my shoes off, but I wouldn’t let him because I needed a pedicure, weird. Anyway I got out and ran my measly little 3.13 miles, but at a brisk pace of 9:59, so I was done in about 30 minutes, felt pretty good, no stomach issues today. Lots of people out walking this morning and lots of geese out by the lake, prepared for their morning aerobics class.

Got back home and started making coffee, 1/2 decaf of course, and the Termite people show up, part of the buying a house thing I think. Then I cut up boxes to lay on the hardwood floors for the guys from Lowe’s who would be delivering my new washer and dryer, I cannot wait! Well by 9:00 they were here, I was so excited, the guy said, uh I haven’t installed many of those washing machines, you better read your manual. I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. It’s a Fisher & Paykel, very energy efficient top loader, I did my research. We shall see, I’m washing my first load now.

Tomorrow will be a hot run, Kim can’t get here till later in the day so we will swelter it out sometime midday, I’ve been eating lots of pretzels today, does that mean I have extra salt to sweat? Doesn’t seem like I’ve run much this week, I guess since I didn’t run at my running clinic it threw me off, and Saturday, no long run, I will not know what to do with myself!

Washing machine just beeped, first load complete!


2 Responses

  1. Oh man! You’re gonna be great!!!!

    I’m hooking up my running partner, and we might come for the sights!!! Hope we can see you!

    PS-I used to be a therapist; diagnosing dreams was so fun.

    Um…that’s a marathon dream if I ever saw one. The rhino going wild? In a shopping area? LMAO

    (Freud said everything was sexual though…who knows?)

  2. I can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

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