San Francisco Marathon Countdown – 6 days

OMG – 6 days to go and about 30 degrees cooler, we won’t know how to act or run!! It’s been really hot and humid the last few days and I think Kim and I both caught some sort of stomach bug, we’ve both been struggling with our stomaches and Kim never has stomach problems. I’ve been feeling blah and sick to my stomach since Friday, and I think her issues started on Saturday, but we are not quitters and we just keep on running!

Yesterday I think Kim needed 9 miles and I just wanted a recovery run, we decided to do the flat loop around the lake, the bathroom was there too, just in case. It was a very humid morning and I did some research on dew point, it’s the amount of water vapor in the air, yesterday morning it was 71, which means a lot of water in the air, when it gets up to about 75 people call it soupy because the air is “thick”, feels like you can cut the air and you can’t breathe, and it was true, it was thick and hard to breathe. It was all we could do to get our miles in, Kim had already run 4 when she got back to my house and we ran almost 5 more before collapsing in a pile of sweat.

Customary as Sunday mornings go we looked at the Sunday Target ad online and couldn’t resist and headed to Target, they had a great deal on a microwave and so I am now in the 21st Century, it’s still in the box, but I have a microwave. They also had some great deals on storage solutions and we both bought some sort of cube/wire thingy, I think it will work in my closet for office supplies, it was $12.99.

The rest of the day was spent organizing and cleaning closet shelves, I did get a lot done, but you can’t really tell from looking. I typed a lot of descriptions out to put some stuff on ebay when I get back from San Francisco, and also separated stuff for the huge yard sale I plan on having in the fall.

Storage is a big issue, no attic and only 3 drawers in the kitchen, THREE, look in your kitchen, how many drawers do you have? Be thankful for each and every one of them, I am drawerless 😦

Today Kim arrived about 5:40, I was still scuffling around, dressed, but scuffling, she had 10 miles on her schedule and I really had no idea what I needed, probably a rest day! But, I knew I wouldn’t be running much later in the week, so 5 would do for me. We started out toward the lake and I could hear my stomach sloshing a bit, kind of like I heard Kim’s yesterday, and I thought oh no, not this morning, I don’t have the energy or patience to deal with this today. We ran past the bathrooms, up to McCain where we cross and we had to turn around, I had to go back to the bathroom. Once there I couldn’t even go, I don’t think I had anything left, it’s been that kind of weekend.

I thought I could probably make it through our run, and of course I knew where the next pit stop was, just in case. I also decided to run all the hills today, no walk ups, San Francisco would have hills and I needed the workout, so we ran all the hills, we just kept running, with only a couple of walk breaks at intersections for traffic. No more stomach issues this morning, thank goodness. When we got back to my house I had 5.5 miles, and felt pretty good, sweat dripping from every limb, but I only had one side stitch that didn’t last too terribly long, so it wasn’t as miserable as it’s been lately. UNTIL, I walked into the house and my shoulder blade/back started hurting, right away I started getting nauseated, what the hell? This happened on Saturday too, when I stopped running my back started hurting and the only thing that will make it stop is to sit down or run. This sucks, what the hell could it be? I have no idea and I know if I go to the doctor they won’t know either, it’s in such an odd place and it happens at such an odd time, always while I’m running or right after. Hopefully it won’t happen in the marathon.

Tomorrow is our Tuesday night Running Clinic, I’m sure Coach Dennis will have Annette and I on some modified run since the marathon is so close, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Bye for now.


2 Responses

  1. oooooh I’m so excited for you! I think your stomach could be nerves, too. It’s 88 degrees here, perfect weather, and you will have a ball!

    Have a floating Sushi Boat for me!! Will be waiting for your race report too!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks for all the comments. I do read them. I have just been kind of ashamed to contribute over the last few months. Fantastic luck at SFO. It’s beautiful there and the weather should be perfect. Remember, hills are temporary, finishers medals are priceless!! Oh… and make sure to eat at The Stinking Rose… if ya like garlic… Makes for a great plane ride home… heh!

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