San Francisco Marathon Countdown – 3 days

Well we made it to San Francisco and so far everything has been great! It’s been a little cooler than I would like, we are all wearing jeans and jackets or sweatshirts, very chilly.

We started off early this morning with a layover in Phoenix, then into San Francisco about 12:30 PST, we got info on the BART and took the train to our hotel, which is super nice, Hilton near Union Square. Once we dropped our suitcases off and changed into warmer clothes we had to find something to eat, so far everything has been easy to find. After a quick lunch we headed to Niketown (big disappointment), well I guess I’m not sure what we were expecting, but Niketown wasn’t doing it for us. So we stopped in some other shops before we saw the temple which looked like Chinatown so we headed that way.

Yes, it was Chinatown and Michele was loving it, but after a few shops, they were all the same to me and Annette, but we looked and looked and looked. We took quite a few pictures before heading back to the hotel for the free appetizers that ended at 7:00pm. We made it back with only about 15 minutes to spare, we made quick work of the food! We were really tired, it had been a long day and to us it was almost bed time.

We really haven’t even talked about the marathon, the only thing we’ve talked about is the weather, did we bring the right clothes? will we be too cold? after today we were kind of concerned, I brought a throw away jacket, thank goodness, I also brought a pair of fleece pants and long sleeve tee to wear after the marathon.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Expo after Bailey gets her around 1pm, not sure what will be doing in the morning, probably more walking around the city.

Here are some pictures from today. Wish us good luck.

Michele and Annette - Chinatown

Michele and Annette - Chinatown

View from Hotel

View from Hotel


3 Responses

  1. Watch out San Francisco! The girls are in town!!

  2. Good luck!!! Good luck!!!! Good luck!!! You’ll all have a great time during the marathon!

    Miss ya here….I ran my 20 miler today and boy was it miserably hot and humid!

  3. Two words: Sushi Boat!

    Have a wonderful time, and just enjoy the city, for tomorrow you RUN! 🙂

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