San Francisco Marathon Countdown – Hours to go!!

Well, it’s less than 24 hours before the start of the San Francisco Marathon, this morning, me, Bailey and Annette ran 2 miles, seemed like nothing compared to what we’ll be doing tomorrow! It was so nice though, the weather was perfect, 60’s I’m guessing, sunny skies, flat as a pancake, no humidity to speak of, just perfect running weather.

Yesterday me, Annette and Michele slept in, but still got up in time for our free Breakfast at the Hilton which we took full advantage of and then we packed up, checked out, dropped our luggage in luggage hold and headed for the MUNI train to the Expo. We arrived early and were one of the first ones inside. We finally got rid of our huge bag of shoes we brought along to donate to blank charity, I can’t remember now who it was, but at least we found someone to donate all our old running shoes to. We made a couple of purchases within the first 5 minutes, shocking I know!

It was a great expo, lots of cool stuff and lots of old standards too, we picked up our bib numbers and packets which is always exciting to me, just wish I could skip the running part, HA!! I guess we spent a good couple of hours in the Expo, I bought a new pair of Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4 which I’ve had my eye one, didn’t really want to fork the money over, but hey, I’ll need them in a few months anyway and that’ll probably be around Christmas, so there you go.

We bought Bailey a really neat shirt for her first Marathon, it is a white sleeveless tech shirt that has an image of her San Francisco Marathon Bib on the front with her race number and name, we also added under her name “my first 26.2”, it was so cool! I think Annette has a picture of it somewhere.

We then started heading toward the train to meet Bailey and head back to the Expo, whew! We got a call from Bailey as we were standing on the platform to catch the train and since Bailey’s Mom had picked her up at the airport as a surprise they decided to meet us at the Expo instead of the Hotel, so we were all hungry and met at a restaurant right across the street. It was very good, but the service sucked!

Back to the Expo we went after lunch, we took more pictures and got some more samples, I’m really liking the Cytomax, one of the sponsors at the Marathon. I think Annette and Michele made a couple of purchases and we finally headed out around 4pm. We had to head to our hotel, pick up our luggage and then head to San Jose where we were staying the night, at the generosity of Bailey’s Mom! It was a long ride, but I was thankful to rest my feet.

After we all decided where to sleep and I played with their new kitten we walked to an Italian restaurant for dinner, I’ve felt like I’ve been really stuffing my gut for the last couple of days so I settled for a light salad which was very yummy, perfect to top oft the evening. What’s so weird is being able to walk somewhere without sweating! It was even a little cool on the way back and dark!

We all slept like logs, again, the time change really throws you off, I’ve had a headache for the past two days, probably just the time change and eating all kinds of crap! Hopefully I want have one in the morning. Today we are heading to the expo to hear some speaker, I don’t even know who, but it’s not until 4:30 this afternoon and then dinner at a place call Sinbad’s on Pier 2. Bailey’s Mom and Stepdad will drop us off at our Hotel in San Francisco so we can be close to the start line in the morning. OMG.

It will be a great race, I’ve heard nothing but great things since I’ve gotten hear, how beautiful the course is, how nice the weather will be. The only bad thing I’ve heard is “hills”. Oh well, we’ve run the hills, I’m not going to let those stand in my way. I’m going to try and enjoy the marathon and enjoy the sights, my only goal is to finish under the 6 hour time limit. It would be nice to finish around 5 hours, but I’m not going to beat myself up if I can’t do it, but I’d be happy as a clam if I did.

In case anyone is interested here is the link for tracking the runners, race results and here are our bib numbers, me 9425, Bailey 9120, Michele 8860, Annette 8430. Our wave starts at 6:25am PST. I just checked the forecast and at start time the temperature should be 55 degrees, the high tomorrow is 61.

Here are a couple of pictures –

Annette, Michele and Cheryl - Expo

Annette, Michele and Cheryl - Expo

Annette, Bailey, Michele and Me - Expo

Annette, Bailey, Michele and Me - Expo

Annette, Bailey and Me before our 2 mile run

Annette, Bailey and Me before our 2 mile run


3 Responses

  1. You guys are so brave, just had someone who is going to make it tomorrow in our store today and I think she is amazing!

  2. Good luck! And you all look GREAT!

  3. WOOT! CHeering your times on my blog!!! Have a ball!!!

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