San Francisco Marathon – Complete 5:14

Yes, it’s official I have completed my 2nd Marathon in 2008, this one I have to say, was a little better than the first one. I think I trained a little harder for this one which really helped. Also, no back/shoulder pain and no side stitches. The arch of my foot started hurting about mile 13 and never let up, I actually thought I had a blister and took my shoe off near an aid station, but no blister, I rubbed my arch, put my shoe back on and took off.

The weather was good, not perfect, but good, the sun only came out at about mile 25.5, it was windy and chilly, not sure of the temperature, but I would say mid 50’s or so. I had a throw away jacket on and never threw it away, I would get hot, take it off, get cold, put it back on, I think if the sun would have come out it would have been better for me. Annette and the other girls were happy with the temps. There wasn’t a lot of crowd support, the hills were very steep, the scenery was beautiful, lots to see, I even saw Bison grazing in Golden Gate Park, there were lots of runners, we were in a pack of runners for miles, I think until we got rid of the half marathoners, we weaved in and out constantly. Thanks probably why we all ended up with lots more than 26.2 miles, I know my Garmin had 26.68 when we finished.

Here is a picture that a lady took of the 4 of us at the turn around once we got over the bridge and were on our way back. It’s not the best picture of us, but you get a great view of the bridge. I’ll post a full report when I have time.

annette, me, bailey and michele

annette, me, bailey and michele


3 Responses

  1. Great job! Now I know your a sandbagger!! Thats a great time considering the hills and all. You guys did great.

  2. I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story!!!! To do so well on those hills is AMAZING!

  3. Holy cow that’s fabulous! 5:14 with those San Fran hills is awesome.

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