Running Solo

Today Kim was sick so I ended up running solo, this was twice this week I’ve run by myself, no fun. I just like running with someone better, but today probably was for the best, I wasn’t “feeling it”, the bad Cheryl was trying to talk runner Cheryl into taking a short cut home after about 2 miles, but runner Cheryl won that battle for once.

It was a nice cool morning, I got a late start because I didn’t check my email right away to know Kim was sick, I just thought she was running late. Her hubby has been sick so I guess she finally relented and got it too, poor Kimmy, she has been so happy and in such a good mood since she finished summer school I’m sorry she’s down with the funk.

I logged 4.82 miles, not sure how I missed my 5 miles, guess I started running further down the street than I normally do or skipped a corner or two, who knows. Anyway, it wasn’t bad, I still made decent time, ran all the hills, nothing exciting happened, only one goose on the route today, it was the mean one who honks at all the ducks and all the walkers/runners. Lots of ducks, but what the heck happened to all the geese, they were everywhere when it was blazing hot, now they’ve vanished.

Tonight I will be going to Fitness Boot Camp, I started on Monday night, it’s at the local Community Center, they only have about 3 classes and this one is right up my alley. I was sore yesterday and still a little sore today, but since they only offer the class two nights a week I guess I better go when I can. As a matter of fact when I started running today even my boobs where sore, and I don’t have much to be sore, HA!

Well I better go if I’m going to be on time for the boot camp torture! It’s more like circuit training to me, but I need it.

4.82 miles, 10:17 average pace, 440 calories.


4 Responses

  1. OOOOOOO I love your header!

    We have to take one day off to run by ourselves. I like the time alone too.

  2. Sore boobs – now I’ve heard it all! 🙂

  3. I feel better and am ready to run again 🙂
    See ya in the morning!!!!

  4. I’m not a runner yet but a walker, and I find sometimes walking alone is the most refreshing thing.

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