Busy Week

I’ve been very busy this week with work, getting ready for a big ‘Go Live’ with new software next week so I’ll be in St. Louis for the next 2 weeks.

I went to my new Fitness Boot Camp class on Wednesday night, wow, she kicked my butt again, but it wasn’t as bad as Monday,  then I went home, turned on the Olympics, which I’m obsessed with, ate some dinner and went to bed, exciting isn’t it.

Thursday I didn’t run, not on any training plan, but still want to keep up my endurance and gain some speed, but just wanted the day off.  Annette brought over lunch today with her helper Kylie, it was very yummy, one of my favorites, Blue Coast Burrito, we had a great salad and some guacamole with chips.  We didn’t get to visit very long, I had conference calls and all kinds of crap going on at work.

Friday morning Kim came over and we planned to do our 5 mile loop, it was nice and cool for August, around 68 I think, but my stomach was kind of acting up, not bad, just not normal, I had to stop at the bathroom at Lakewood and was wondering if I would make it through our run or would I have to stop at Kroger’s.  It all turned out okay, thank goodness, I’ve been working on my time trying to not take as many walk breaks, just keep moving and it seems to be working pretty good.  We ran 5.12 miles at an average pace of 10:22, if I could get my average HR down in the 140 range or right at 150, I could probably increase my speed.  My average HR was 158, Max was 176.  Mile 1 – 10:20, Mile 2 – 9:54, Mile 3 – 10:30,  Mile 4 – 10:32,  Mile 5 – 11.11 ( Old Mill hill kicked my butt today).

Saturday morning Kim wanted to run 8 miles and we were meeting the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at Alsopp Park at 6am, it’s definitely one of my least favorite runs, it has most of it’s mileage in Murray Park on the River Trail and it’s just so boring to me, not to mention it was the worse part of the Little Rock Marathon for me and I always think about that when I run there, but at least Kim was going to be running with me so I would be on that stretch by myself like I was at the Marathon.

Neither one of us was feeling good this morning, Kim was on antibiotics that were not agreeing with her, I had started my period and had cramps from hell, and my stomach was upset too, but it was from all the marshmallows I ate last night feeling sorry for myself because my kitties don’t miss me like I miss then, another story.  So, we arrived at the Park a little early so we could get a parking spot, both of us used the facilities and then we signed in and got our 8 mile route, Kim had this bright idea to pin the directions on the back of my shirt instead of one of our other methods, carry it, pin it to a fuel belt, or put it in a baggy.  Lucky for KIm I had two safety pins and she proceeded to pin the directions to my back, she was laughing pretty hard at my expense.

Right before we took off I had to got to the bathroom again, uh oh, not good.  But, it was fine, I wasn’t feeling that bad, just the damned cramps.  The sky was cloudy, but cool, high 60s, but humid, we were lucky it’s unseasonably cool right now.  We actually caught up to everyone and started passing people, and kept passing them, the route (which was pinned to my back) was pretty simple, run to the Big Dam Bridge, turn around, and then a different route back.  People started making comments about the route on my back, they all thought it was a good idea and it was certainly a conversation starter, pretty funny.

KIm’s Garmin is in the shop, so I was the mileage keeper, when we got to mile 4 we were right at a 10:00 pace, WOW, I was shocked, but this was a flat course and the route back would be slower, we took a quick walk break for some water and a Luna Moon, off again.  This long stretch was just going on forever, I hate this route, the last time I was on it was with Annette, Bailey and Michele and it was pouring down rain.  When we finally got to Riverfront drive we decided to just do the out and back instead of trying to find the other turns.  We got in our 8 miles with an average pace of 10:15, woohoo!!  I was very happy, yes, yes, it was a very flat route, but so what!!

Avg HR 158 (again)  Max 172

Mile 1 –  10:16,   Mile 2 – 9:54,  Mile 3 – 9:56,   Mile 4 – 9:55,  Mile 5 – 11:46 (fuel break), Mile 6 – 9:59,   Mile 7 – 10:27,  Mile 8 – 9:53

After our run it was our customary Starbucks, Target and then I had to take some luggage back and then we went to Sam’s.  After I got home I worked on my back yard for hours, I finally came in the house around 5:30pm, pooped.

I’m now watching the Olympics, the Women’s Marathon is coming to an end, it looks like a woman from Romania will win, I wonder what happened to Deena Kastor?  They are so fast, you can really tell how fast they are when you see the overhead shots, just amazing!


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  1. I was glued to the Women’s Marathon!

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