UGHH!! St. Louis

I’m in St. Louis this week and next on business, moving our Beta branches into a Live status, woohoo, it’s been terribly busy, some glitches to work through as usual, but all in all, no show stoppers.  I’ve been working till about 6:30 each night, not that late, just late enough that I don’t have time to do much once I get to my hotel.  I’m staying at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac, very nice hotel, very nice.  It appears to be in a ritzy part of town, there is the Plaza Frontenac right across the street, I can see Saks Fifth Avenue and Williams Sonoma Home when I leave in the mornings, I’m not stepping foot over there.

I was going to run last night, but I didn’t get back to my room till after 7pm, I just blew it off and decided to get up this morning extra early and run in the Health Club.  Last night I had to spend some time locating the Health Club, it’s in a separate building, but super nice, all Precor equipment, clean, remodeled, big room, the dreadmills all have TVs built in.  So, this morning set my alarm for 4:30, hit the snooze once, got up, piddled a bit, got everything together and headed over, put my key card in the slot, no go, crap, tried again, nope.  This is starting to piss me off, I’m looking around for a phone, called the front desk, oh the health club opens at 5am, just a couple of minutes, whew, they were lucky!!  I did some walking lunges around the atrium while I waited.

Once I got in I was warmed up and found the perfect dreadmill, turned my TV on, plugged in my headphones, tuned in to TNT, Angel was on, great show for running at 5am, he’s such a cute vampire!  I really can’t tell you how nice this fitness room was, a lot of times the hotels I go to have these tiny little rooms with old worn out treadmills, not Hilton, they are remodeling and ramping up their Fitness Centers, and I for one am loving it!!  Especially when it’s too dark to run outside.  I ending up running a little over 5 miles, around 54 minutes, was able to watch Angel, which I have only every watched while traveling, odd.  Now I still feel fat, I’ve been eating tootsie rolls, every day but today, one of the guys at the office has a bowl full of candy on his desk, yummy and bad at the same time.  I hate being out of my routine.  Salads for lunch and dinner, and then candy, how does that work?

Plan on getting up again in the morning and doing a repeat of this mornings workout.  I will try and refrain fron the tootsie rolls, he also has Butterfinger and Baby Ruth Bars.


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  1. Wow, I’m impressed…5 miles on the treadmill…what dedication 🙂
    And I hate when you go out of town too because it throws off my routine 😦

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