Back home to the Humidity

Made it back home last night and I have to say, whew, glad to be back, but boy is it HUMID!!  St. Louis was very stressful, the branch was very negative, it was hard to stay positive when so many people were been negative, constantly, maybe next week will be a little better, at least I hope so.

I was able to run 4.75 on the dreadmill again on Thursday at the hotel, the Health Club at the Hotel was a little too warm, I was sweating like I was running outside in the middle of August in Arkansas.  It’s always amazing to me that at hotels they keep the halls ice cold and the fitness rooms warm and you can complain and it’s always the same answer, oh, I let the engineers know when they get in, they never do.

It was nice to sleep in a little on Friday, I had a late flight out on Friday so it was pretty much a full day of work, I tried to keep to myself and get all the loose ends tied up before leaving.  We had lots of small issues with the software I had to work out all the details and let everyone know the outcomes, some good some not what everyone wanted to hear, more complaining and whining.

I finally got to the airport, a little too early, but I didn’t care, I was OUT OF THE OFFICE!!  What a relief!  I found a comfy chair and fell asleep!  The lady next to me nudged me and said “we’re about to board”.  Wow, I must have really been exhausted.

Kim and I had already arranged to meet this morning at 5:30am, our norm, at 5:40 I was starting to wonder where she was and of course I had left my phone at home.  I was going to give her 5 more minutes and here she comes pulling into the Target parking lot.  Her power had gone out, her car was in the garage, when it goes bad…..

We were meeting the Little Rock Marathon Training group at Lake Willastein in Maumelle for a 10 mile run, we had about 20 minutes to get there and we arrived right before 6:00am, there was probably at least 100 people there and we had to park way at the end of the lake, but we made it in time.  It was so humid this morning, I think about 90%, it looked like rain and we both took our hats.  I was worried about running 10 miles since I had only run twice during the week and both days were on the treadmill.  When we start out on this route we run by Starbuck’s and I knew there weren’t any bathrooms on this route, or there wasn’t previously so I decided to make one quick pit stop before we really got going, it was probably a good move, we didn’t see another one until about mile 5.

The first half of our run was the same as previous routes I have run in Maumelle, but the second half was a little different, which was good.  We crossed Maumelle Blvd and over to Crystal Hill Rd, went by DeWafelbaker Corp office, turned around and headed back, we ran into a couple of ladies who were kind of lost, they were supposed to be on the 6 mile route, Kim and I were already at around mile 6.5, so we told them to head down Maumelle Blvd, back toward the start, they were really off track, we did see them when they were finishing and they actually ending up with 7.5 miles, uh oh.

Kim and I had a really good run, I was surprised considering the weather (humid), the course, some of which was a little hilly and some of which was on Maumelle Blvd where the speed limit is 50 MPH, and my not running much this week.  When we were running into the parking lot where we started we were right at 10 miles, that never happens and our average pace was 10:17, I was very happy to say the least.  We were both soaked with sweat, but felt good, no huge aches or pains, we had both drank a lot of water during our run so we stayed well hydrated.  Mile 1 – 9:58, Mile 2 – 9:59, Mile 3 – 10:07, Mile 4 – 9:59, Mile 5 – 10:51, Mile 6 – 10:05, Mile 7 – 10:16, Mile 8 – 11:13, Mile 9 – 10:20, Mile 10 – 9:59.  Avg HR 161, Max 176.

After we scratched our names off the list, stretched and said bye to a few folks we headed to Starbucks for our usual treat and then it was off to Home Depot to look for ceiling fans, no luck with those, but we lucked out with a very helpful guy who gave us all kinds of information on stuff for my house and even gave us a roll of electrical tape, I think he might have been flirting with us, I don’t know why though we were still sweat soaked and probably not smelling that great either.  Then off to Oak Express to pick up a cabinet I had ordered and then of course to Target, can’t be Saturday without a trip to Target, we got tons done this morning, it always feels good to know you got your run in, your shopping done and your still home before noon.  Tomorrow I think we are running 7 miles in the morning and then just coffee at my house.

Another week in St. Louis next week, hopefully it won’t be as stressful, I need a better week.


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