Slow Sunday Run

After a few good runs today was not so good.  Kim came over around 6:30am and ran 4 miles while I got ready for our 7 mile run, or that was our plan from yesterday.  I piddled around the house waiting on her to get back, I felt fine from our 10 mile run yesterday and wanted to get as many miles in as I could since I would be in St. Louis all week.  When she got back she said it was tough, meaning hot and humid, oh boy, I thought it would be cooler, we had gotten a lot of rain yesterday afternoon and I was hoping for just a little less humidity and maybe some cooler temperatures, nope.

It was 78 degrees, 90% humidity, 73 degree dew point, muggy to say the least.  Once we started running I could tell my legs were a little tired, Kim’s were too, we both knew it would be a slow run and it was, oh well, we didn’t care, just get the miles in.  When we got over to the lake we did one loop, used the bathroom and then headed out on our 5 mile loop, we ran up all the hills except the Old Mill hill, by the time we got to it we were pooped and we walked it.

When we got close to my house my Garmin went off at 6 miles and we both just stopped running and started walking, we were done, literally.  Kim got in a little over 10 miles I got in 6, her training for the Chicago Marathon is intense, my training for the whatever comes next besides the Relay in April is going well, I may increase my daily mileage to 5.5, then 6.  But, I want to keep the speed up too, so we shall see what happens, not sure if the daily increase will happen this week since I’ll be running on the dreaded dreadmill, oh my gosh I hate that thing.

Kim and I enjoyed some coffee and talk of the Olympics once we got inside, I hate that it’s over for four years, yes the Winter Olympics are in 2010, but I don’t like them as much as the Summer Olympics, there is just so much more variety, it all doesn’t have to do with snow or ice.  Speaking of the Olympics, did you watch the Marathon last night, holy smokes, they were running so fast I can’t even comprehend it, how can anyone run that fast for that long??  They were just amazing, I don’t know how they do it, well, yes they do nothing but train, and natural born talent, which I seem to be missing.

I’m just sitting here now, dreading packing for my trip, watching the wild bunny in the backyard munch on the old peaches I put out this morning.  I miss my kitties so much, I talked to my ex-fiance a few minutes ago and told him I wasn’t coming to see the cats, even though I want to so bad, but when I do see them I get all down in the dumps because they can’t come home with me where they should be, or where I think they should be, selfishness, right now I know they are better off where they are, they are happy, well taken care, well fed and with my traveling I can’t be there for them.  Damn it, I love those kitties.

2 Responses

  1. It always cracks me up when people run 4 for their warmup!

    Stay away from the ex. I know of which I speak. Good luck!

  2. Well, I crapped out at 6.5 miles of my 8 milers and walked the rest. I’m having head issues I think… anyway.

    On the Olympic marathon, they just made it look easy. It’s when you stop and realize the distance. One of the announcers said they were going almost 20 km/h — just amazing. Simply amazing.

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