Back in St. Louis

Another week in St. Louis, uneventful trip in yesterday, straight to the office by 9:00am.  I was able to leave the office pretty early, 5:15, we had an update go into the system at 5:00 pm so that meant everyone had to be completely out of the system, woohoo!  I was looking forward to a relaxing at my hotel, I had no idea how to get there so I was trying to put the address in my TomTom and it didn’t like it, I tried more than once, frustrating, it was now 5:30, time was flying by.  I finally called the hotel and they gave me the “other” address, what the hell?  So TomTom liked that one, headed to St. Charles, MO.  There wasn’t much traffic, got off on the correct exit, but where I needed to make a left, I couldn’t, weird thing about Missouri, no U-Turns, so I had to drive for at least 1/2 mile to make a left and then turn around.

I finally made it to my hotel, Embassy Suites St. Charles, very nice lobby, looks pretty new, the front desk clerk gives me the low down on the Health Club, breakfast and the evening reception that is in full swing, free drinks and snacks, oh goody, dinner.   Drop my bags, grab my jacket and head back downstairs, big disappoint, the snacks were just that, Chex mix and Potato Chips.  I grabbed some chips and a Diet Coke (heavy drinker), sat with my book and read some until I decided I needed more than just chips for dinner.  Went over to the hotel restaurant at the Bartender’s suggestion, she said it was right next to the bar and it was, but deserted, I looked around and did see a dinner party, so yes, they were open.  I stood there a bit longer, waiting, and waiting, grabbed a menu and finally 10 minutes later a waitress comes out and asks if I need help, well let me think about it, uh yes.

I wanted to place an order to go and the waitress said I can take your order when you’re ready and she left, I was studying the menu, decided on what I wanted and started waiting again, OMG, this is crazy!  I waited 10 minutes when I different girl came out and said “you doing okay, you need something?”  You’ve got to be kidding me, I told the waitress “Uh I was trying to place an order to go”, her reply, “oh, only Teresa can take that order you’ll have to go over to the bar”, my reply “Really?  Just forget it”, her reply “I can write it down for you and take it over there”.  Seriously I had been waiting since 6:30 and it was now 6:50, I was irritated to say the least, so I just marched my butt over to the Coffee Bar and bought a prepared salad, Diet Dew in about 3 minutes.
Wow, that long boring crap is over, now the long boring today stuff, HA!!  I got up at 4:30am this morning to get down to the fitness center by 5am so I could run 5 miles on the dreadmill, UGH!!  It was very hard to get out of bed, it was warm and toasty, and just right for more sleep.  But, I wanted to get those 5 miles done, I needed to work off that Hershey Bar I had last night, it was yummy!  I did not have a good experience on the dreadmill, but then again I never do, today was just worse than other days.  I started my run in time, just as Angel was starting on TNT, I was just not liking it, I kept looking down at the mileage, OMG, it just felt like it was creeping by, I have no idea how I made it through those 5 miles, but I did.  I ended up doing 5 miles in 52 minutes, walked until Angel was over, Thank Goodness it was over!!  I just hated it!!

Once I got back to my room it was shower, makeup and then OH CRAP, dry my hair.  Well, I never take my hair dryer, because most of the Embassy Suites or Doubletree Hotels I stay in have upgraded hair dryers, you know the kind in a drawer and not implanted on the wall.  Well, this was the cheapest wall hair dryer ever, and if any of you girls out there blow dry your hair with a round brush like I do you’ll be able to relate, I would be drying my hair and then need to set the dryer down while I readjusted some hair in the back, well this stupid hair dryer’s on/off switch was not on the handle it was on the wall, so you couldn’t just turn it off with your thumb, you had to use your brush had to reach over turn the dryer off, lay the dryer down, readjust your brush, reach up turn the dryer back on, repeat. Pain in the ass!!  I thought I would never get my hair dry, it was flat as a pancake.  This hotel is super nice too, I just couldn’t understand this $5 hair dryer in this expensive hotel.  I did ask the front desk if they had any hand held dryers, no, but there’s a Walgreens down the street, uh, no, I won’t be purchasing one, I have one, at home.  ARGH!!

Then my breakfast sucked, the pineapple was just horrible, I don’t know what they did to it, but it was so nasty, the honeydew was slimy, but the toast and OJ were good.  This day did not start out well at all, at least there were 5 miles under my belt for the day.  Tomorrow I’m sleeping in.

The Branch Manager has asked me to come back the week of the 8th, I don’t know if it will be approved and I really don’t want to come back at all!  I’m ready to put St. Louis behind me.


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  1. What???!!! You can’t go back for another week 😦

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