Dreaded Dreadmill

Another dreaded dreadmill workout this morning, I just couldn’t wake up, maybe if I went to bed earlier?  Up at 4:38am, on the treadmill by 5:00am.  This was a miraculous workout today, the most miles ever for me on a treadmill, 5.82 in 1 hour, I was shocked.

Around mile 1.6 I was trying to figure a way off the stupid machine, but I was getting into Angel and had to finish it.  So, I put a small towel over the display and would increase the speed a little every once in awhile, when I quit I was down to a 9:40 pace.  Yeah for me!   The towel thing always helps, I don’t see how slow the miles are ticking by.

Gotta run, conference call in 8 minutes.

2 Responses

  1. GREAT job on your dreadmill run!!!

  2. Man I hate those things. Are you out of town, or is it too hot?

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