12 miles of hills = OUCH

It was the dreaded Rahling Road route for Saturday’s 12 mile run, I dread it, I don’t forget it and neither do my muscles.  I didn’t get home Friday night from St. Louis until almost 10pm, delays at the airport, frustrating since it’s only an hour flight, so I didn’t get into bed early and once I did my mind was working over time.  My alarm was set for 4:30am, but at 4am I woke up with horrible heart burn or symptoms of a heart attack, I didn’t know which since I never have heart burn and of course I’ve never had a heart attack.  I couldn’t imagine having heart burn since I didn’t have any dinner, it had been about 12 hours since I had eaten any solid food.  I was trying to remember what the symptoms were for a heart attack, my mind was reeling, my laptop was still packed.  I sat up in bed, no relief, checked my pulse, still beating, not fast, not slow, just normal, hmmm, probably heart burn.  Weird, it went away about 4:20 and of course I was about to drift off to dream land when the alarm went off.  Up and adam!

I kept thinking about my heart, no I am not a spring chicken anymore and when odd things happen I tend to dwell on them more than I used to say 10 years ago when I was but a mere child in my thirties.  I was thinking well if something happens when we are running today Kim can just take me to the ER at least I won’t be laying in bed when they find my cold lifeless body!  Morbid huh?  I haven’t had another “heart burn” episode, but as you can tell I’m still thinking about it.

I met Kim at Target at 5:25am, we headed to the meet spot for the Oucho run on Rahling road.  We were early enough to get a good parking spot, sign in, get our route, pin it on my fuel belt and OMG, I have to go to the bathroom, NOW!  This pisses me off, I went before I left my house, but we have to leave, go to the gas station and then go back, incredible.  Old Age SUCKS!

We don’t start running until 6:15, which surprisingly enough we still notice people just starting, or they made a different loop and we just happened to see them as they were exiting the backside of their loop.  The morning’s temperature is around 75 with humidity in the high 90%, yowser!!  The forecast called for the humidity to drop as the day went on and it did, but the morning was miserably muggy.

I think I mentioned this, I hate this route, huge hills that never end, oh there is a straight stretch around mile 7/8 but that’s it!  This was one of my worse runs in a while, since traveling and only running on the treadmill during the week I lose my acclimation to the humidity and I really paid for it Saturday, my heart rate was HIGH which made my breathing harder which made my running harder.  I have no idea how we finished 12 miles.  And the odd thing is I ran all the hills until mile 10, the Rahling Road hill, Kim ran the entire thing, but I was counting light poles, I ran two, then walked one, ran one and a half, walked one and then ran the rest, which I did not count.  My heart rate monitor was beeping like crazy telling me my heart rate was maxed at 182.  That hasn’t happened in a very long time, but I kept going I didn’t feel like I was going to keel over or anything just at my running limit, I couldn’t have pushed it.

After the Rahling Road hill you think, oh we have it made, or that’s what Kim thought, she has only been on this route one other time, I knew we had Chenal Valley Drive and LaMarche Blvd, which is a bear too, I have to admit I walked about half the time on the remainder of the hills, I was tired and ready to be finished.  I would try running up the hill and get about half way up and I would start walking, I didn’t care anymore, my legs were like Jello, we were around mile 11 or 11.5.

We did finish our 12 miles, but it felt like 20, those hills!!  I’m glad it’s over and today I’m sore, even the top of my feet are sore from the downhills.  Kim and I ran 5 miles this morning, I tried to get out of it, but somehow she wrangled me out the door, it was a slow start, but after I got warmed up it ended up being okay until about mile 4.5, I was once again ready for it to be done.

Next week, no travels!  I’m so excited to be home, lots of stuff to catch up on at the house, getting ready to go outside and mow the grass, hopefully I can make it look half way decent, it looks like crap right now.

In case you have a need to know, we did our 12 miles in 2:13, average pace of 11:07, not too shabby considering the torture!  Today the 5 miles was an average pace of 10:37, nice recovery pace.


3 Responses

  1. Great job Cheryl!!! 11:07 is an excellent pace for those hills!!! You have gotten so much stronger and faster over the past year!
    The heart thing sounds very scary!! You need to get that checked out!

  2. Sounds like hell… Gah…

    I’ve been avoiding my hills. I suppose I should I got caught in Virignia Beach with a wicked head wind.

  3. I did the Rhaling rd stretch last weekend too, but I’m a newbie, I only did 5 miles. Those hills were tough, that’s for sure! I applaud your long stretch. I am still in awe of 12 miles and it seems so long, but I guess I will eventually make it as I train for the LR Marathon. Cheers to you!

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