I’ve been robbed

Seriously – I left this afternoon to run a couple of errands, dropped a package at the post office, went to Home Depot and then Kroger, wasn’t gone that long. 1 1/2 hours Max, unlocked the door under the carport, put my grocery bags down (2), put up the frozen items and headed to my office.  I noticed this plastic bag in the middle of the livingroom floor, WTF, Smokey was looking at me funny, I asked Smokey “what did you do, get in this bag and get stuck?” Because the whole end of the bag was torn out, weird, then I walked into my office.  BAM – My laptop was gone – GONE – where is it, my brain would not compute, I looked in the floor, nope, where is it? did I move it?  NO, someone had broken into my house!  I walked down the hall and saw one of my purses in the bedroom floor, I looked at the windows, nothing broken, looked in the other bedroom, everything looked normal, not broken windows.  Went back to the office, window intact, opened the closet door and scared myself.  Decided maybe they were still in the house and I better get out, grabbed my phone and headed outside. 

I saw my neighbor across the street standing in his yard as I was dialing 911, which wouldn’t go through.  I started walking toward him asking him to dial 911 for me that someone had broken in.  He just handed me the phone, I called 911 and just stood in his yard, staring at my house, waiting for some hoodlums to run out, they never did.  The police arrived about 10 minutes later, I briefly described what had happened and abour 4 cars pulled up, a couple of officers went around the house and 2 went in the house.  In a few minutes they came out saying it was all clear.  I was still shaking though, we went back in and looked around, it appeared they had broken in through the back door, but locked it back when they left.  Or, they broke in through the kitchen windon because they had cut the screen, moved my plant and shut the window when they were through. 

The only thing that I could actually see was missing was my laptop, my work laptop, which is only about 6 months old.  The police think they were waiting for me to leave, broke in, got what the wanted and left since they probably weren’t sure how long I’d be gone.  i hardly ever leave during the day, but I had to drop a package at the post office or I probably wouldn’t have left today, except to go to my Fitness class, which I missed.

We walked around to all my neighbors and asked if they heard or saw anything, of course not.  Buck and Becky were pretty shaken up, they said there hasn’t been a break in for 25 years, leave it to me to start it up. Buck is always outside, but this afternoon he was inside cooking, so he was really sorry and kept apologizing, and he also said “this just doesn’t sound right”.  I don’t think so either.  Who in the world would be watching for me to leave and how?  I’m the one who sits at the front of the house looking out all day long, noticing when people come and go.  I don’t see how anyone could’ve been watching and waiting.

I have the police report number, and a couple of t-shirts the burgulars left, why did they leave those?  Laying right in the middle of the dining room along with the contents of my NLR energy audit bag, so if you know someone who is missing 2 t-shirts, one from 106.1 FM and one from Robinsons High who also has a new HP Laptop and a NLR Electric plastic bag, give me a call.


Back to Normal

Didn’t run yesterday, too pooped.  Worked around the house and in the yard, still tired from the hard run at the 20K, not as young as I used to be…

Kim needed 7 miles this morning, she is finally in her taper mode for the Chicago Marathon, I think she is glad to finally get out of those crazy mileage weeks.  We are both still sore from Saturday.  She was here a little before I expected her and I was not quite ready, I was actually washing dishes when she came in.

We headed out just a few minutes after 6am, it was a little chilly, but warmer than Saturday.  By the time we got to the lake I needed to stop at the restroom, this would be a theme for today.  We were running pretty slow and did an extra loop around the lake to get in the extra 1 mile she needed, good thing, the bathroom was calling my name.

My quads were talking to me the entire run, Kim’s hamstrings were bothering her.  And my heart rate was whacky too, the stupid alarm on my Garmin (set to go off at 182 bpm) went off for at least 1/2 a mile, but I didn’t have any other symptoms and kept running.  It did the same thing Saturday, running pretty slow today, not Saturday.  It makes me nervous when it does that and I’m not sure if I should ignore it or what, it settled down and even when we started running our normal hills it never went off again.

We got close to North Hills and my stomach acted up again, it was a quick trip to Kroger and off we went.  My legs and breathing finally warmed up, but my quads were screaming a little louder the closer we got to the 7 miles.  We were hoping we would get to 7 before the Old Mill hill, no such luck today, it went off right as we crested the big hill.  Oh, well, we did it, average pace 10:33, quite a bit slower than normal, but who cares, we were up and running while most people are getting ready for work or still sleeping.

I checked the results on ArkansasRunner.com for the Arkansas 20K, Kim was 7th overall female and I was 15th, woohoo, out of 53, pretty good I’d say, or in our minds anyway.

It’s back to normal for a couple of weeks until I head to Louisville on October 13th for 2 weeks and then I don’t know where, it was supposed to be Ft. Lauderdale, which I was actually looking forward to, but now that’s up in the air.  I’ll probably be back on the dreadmill while traveling which I hate and don’t even want to think about.

Fitness Boot Camp tonight, that might be tough she always does a lot of squats and lunges….

We Rocked the 20K!!

We did great!! Kim and I both were just freaking awesome, or we think so anyway and that’s all that matters. Kim’s time was 1:50:08, mine was 1:59:11. Woo Freaking Hoo!! We were both very happy. Kim was first in her age group, I was third in something called Masters, not really sure I like that, it sounds “old”, but 3rd nonetheless!

Kim got to my house pretty early, 5:30am, we did a warm up lap down my street, which worked to get the system warmed up, then we headed to Benton, it was very cool this morning, a crisp 55 degrees according to a bank sign in Benton. As we were driving to the High School we were met by the Marathon runners who started at 6:30am, still dark mind you, we saw a couple of people we recognized.

We were there plenty early to pick up our shirts and bibs, no goody bags at this race, too small I guess. We also had time to do a little warm-up lap, which really didn’t warm us up much. We saw quite a few people we knew, we saw Jane and Marianne, when I saw Ironman Marianne I knew she would beat me, but she was the “Guide” for a visually impaired runner, I didn’t know how that would work, but she had a number and come to find out she was 1st place Masters! Kim saw some guys she works or had worked with, one, Ken was 2nd overall, something like 1:15, super fast. We saw some other people Marta from LR Marathon Training group, she came in 3rd overall female at 1:4X, Jane won 1st in her age group and then we saw Sarah from the Cabot Cruisers, just lots of people and lots of friendly people.

I ran most of the race with a girl from Harrison, AR, she was really nice and we kept each other on pace, she’s the one who got me under 2:00, we were making the turn for the High School and she said “we have 3/10 of a mile to go, if we do it in less than 3 minutes we’ll be under 2:00”, I turned on the gas, I don’t know where it came from because there were about 3 hills at the very end that about took it out of me completely, but as we were running down the chute I could see the clock said 1:59:XX, I couldn’t see the seconds for the flags, and there was this large man in front of me and I said “RUN, WE CAN BEAT 2:00” and he picked it up too and we made it, I was super happy, SUPER HAPPY! And another thing, I wasn’t dying! My heart rate was super high at that point, my Garmin was beeping like crazy, but it came right back down once I quit running.

More about the actually race, when we started out I told Kim “I’ll see you at the finish” and she was gone, it wasn’t long and Jane passed me too, but I wasn’t stressing, just ran my own race. I had my fuel belt and glad I did. The first mile was pretty hilly and then we were on this long flat stretch till about mile 4 and then it started getting hilly again, and the bad part, it was an out and back so I knew whatever pain in the ass hill I was running, I’d be doing it again. Around mile 5 we started seeing the leaders, that’s when I saw Kim’s friend Ken, running in 2nd, running hard! A few minutes later more runners, saw Kim and said Hey! then we got to the turnaround, it was at the bottom of a big hill. I ate half of a baby clif bar, drank some of my Cytomax and walked for a few seconds and we were off again, I had caught up with Jane and we ran together for a while, at least until we go to the next water stop, she stopped, I kept going.

I felt good until about mile 9, then I wanted it to be over, just a 5K to go, but it was tough, we had gotten back into town and the hills started up again, UGH! At the last water stop as I was running by they asked for my bib number and radioed in, I have no idea what that was about, I had stripped off my long sleeve top and it was tied around my waist and the guy couldn’t see my bib number. Weird. After that stop was the overpass, I had to walk right before the crest, take some more Cytomax, and then off again. Where was the end? I caught up to the girl from Harrison and she was saying, we can be under 2 hours if we don’t stop, and I said, I’m not stopping, well I did have to stop for some traffic on Main street, the ROTC guys must not have seen me or just didn’t care anymore cause I came to a stop for just a second or two to wait on cars at a light.

I was now at about mile 11.5, almost there and the worst of the hills ahead, don’t look at them just run, I tried to run them all, had to walk at the crest of another one and that’s when the girl from Harrison came up again, she was like a bad penny! But, she’s the one who pushed me to get under 2 hours. I was so excited to turn the corner and see those flags set up for the chute, there was no crowd support, just one lady way out on that country road playing Vanilla Ice “Ice, Ice Baby” LOL. Funny.

I am still on cloud nine, have my little Masters plaque, still don’t like that “masters” category, but I have a plaque! It was a lucky day for us, we stopped at Starbucks and the guy behind the counter had seen us (well not US, but the runners) and we told him about our 1st and 3rd places and he bought our drinks, then we went to Target in Benton and found multitudes of bargains.

Great day- Great race

12.47 miles – 1:59:11 average pace 9:33

  1. 9:42
  2. 9:23
  3. 9:24
  4. 9:29
  5. 9:42
  6. 9:19
  7. 9:53
  8. 9:12
  9. 9:28
  10. 9:35
  11. 9:49
  12. 10:06
  13. 8:53

Arkansas 20K

Okay, I’m really getting nervous about the 20K on Saturday, one thing I’m not nervous about, the weather.  BEAUTIFUL!  Race start time is 7:30 prediction is for 56 degrees and Sunny.  What am I nervous about?  Finishing, croaking, going out too fast, coming in last.  I haven’t run a race since May, I ran the Marathon in August, but I don’t call that a “race”.  Woe is me.

Here is what is on the website about this race – The marathon/20K are relatively small, low key races that offer hilly, challenging out and back courses.

I wish I hadn’t seen that statement, hilly, challenging, out and back, I don’t really like any of those, it would have been much better if it would have said, nice flat, PR making, loop.  Woe is me.  From now on, Kim can’t pick the races.

Today I ran 6 miles by myself, I’m thinking I might need my iPod Shuffle, I don’t know what i think about when I’m running for an hour, nothing really important I guess, music would be a distraction from my Darth Vader breathing.  I do find myself counting my breathing/steps, especially in flat areas, 1, 2, 3, 4, repeat.  I also will try and concentrate on my form, stand a little taller, or pretend there is a rope pulling your middle up, just all kinds of things I’ve either read or learned from Coach Dennis.

It was really nice this morning, the weather is perfect, it was 68 degrees when I got to the bank at about 2.5 miles, so around 7:00, the sun was humongous just coming over the horizon.  Uneventful run, just enjoyed the weather and hated the thought that it will be gone soon and we’ll have to break out the long pants, long sleeves, gloves, hats and all that crap.  I detest running in winter, just the wind and cold makes me mad, so get ready.

6 miles 10:03 average pace.

Looming 20K

This Saturday Kim and I are running in a 20K, it’s my first one, not sure if Kim has run one before, but I don’t think so.  I’m anxious and nervous about it, I’ve been having running dreams, last night I dreamed we got there and I had cowboy boots on and had forgotten my running shoes. HA!!  It was a bizarre dream, we had to drive up this very narrow and steep road to get there, almost straight up, hope that doesn’t mean huge hills!

I’m hoping I can finish with a 10:30 average pace, I’ve been running my 5-6 mile runs at about a 10 minute average pace, so I think 10:30 would be doable if I can pace myself.  I’d like to get there early enough to do a warm up run, just to get relaxed and use the bathroom if needed, which I usually do, I’ve heard the course is very hilly, we’ve been running our usual hills, but I don’t want to see hill after hill!  This will be a good test run for the Memphis Half Marathon in December.

Today was a solo run, weather is still great, shorts and a tank is still the norm, not even looking at the long sleeves like last week.  I’m not even sure what the temperature was this morning, guessing mid to high 60s, sweat was rolling though, I beat the 10:00 average pace today by seconds!  I didn’t do the 6 mile loop instead I did an extra loop at the peninsula before the big hill on Edgemere and then there’s an extra jag we do off of McCain.  I stopped running when I got to the alley, I just didn’t want to run up that hill, it would have added another .20 mile to my house, but I had enough and enjoyed the cool down walk.

I ended up with 5.25 miles with an average pace of 9:57!!!  Barely under 10:00, but under nonetheless.  I’ve noticed my heart rate average is up a bit the past couple of days, average is 160, why is that?  Running harder?  But, I haven’t had any of those crazy spikes in my heart rate like I did last week, thank goodness, that was a little scary.

Here’s a question for all you runner’s out there, as I become more conditioned to running, shouldn’t my heart rate become lower?  or should it be higher because I’m pushing myself a little harder?  The heart is an amazing machine, it fascinates me.

Here are my splits –

  • 10:20
  • 10:04
  • 9:51
  • 9:40
  • 9:56
  • 9:34


Wow – time flies when you have a yard sale!! I don’t know what’s happened to the last 4 days. Here’s a recap –

Thursday – Tried to run, but had some sort of stomach virus, gross, I was at mile 1.19 when, BAM, OMG, I’m going to be sick and I was close to home so I just walked home. I had been feeling bad all Wednesday night during Fitness Boot Camp too, I had to excuse myself during a 1-minute jump rope exercise.

Went to see my Doc about my spiking Heart rate, no diagnosis, he said I’m the picture of health, he’s not sure why the spikes, but since I’m not having other symptoms, like shortness of breath, then no need to do a lot of expensive tests, but I could do them if I wanted, I passed. He did a 30 second relaxed EKG, my resting HR was 50, and he didn’t see any thing else on the printout.

Kim spent the night, we stayed up and got all of her items priced, I’m so glad we got that done, it’s such a pain for people to ask “how much is this?” CONSTANTLY. So everything was priced, well, most everything, we had a few things that price tags fell off of, or were just plain missing tags.

Friday – We got up at 4:30, made coffee, unloaded some tables out of my truck, put on some make-up (yes, we had to look gorgeous too), and headed out to put out our signs. Putting out the signs took much longer than we anticipated, I think we put out about 8, not many, but getting them up in just the right spot is imperative! We had trouble getting one in the ground, and others we had to tape to poles, pain in the ass!

We finally got back and started arranging the tables and dragging everything out of the house, OMG, we had so much CRAP! Box after box after box, and then my clothes!! I did have a big round clothes rack which makes a world of difference. We worked non-stop all morning, we were still working when people started pulling up and shopping, it was probably 10:00 before I went in the house just to get our chairs to sit in. We were pooped! And then neither one of us had a calculator, not that we are dumb or anything, but people are standing all around you and you’re trying to write down their purchase and add it up, it was hairy at times!

It slowed down a bit after lunch and Kim headed out around 2, I think, not even sure, it could have been later, I went inside and got my book and just started reading, it was a beautiful day, I’m guessing 70’s, but perfect for a yard sale, as I was reading I would start nodding off, okay, time to shut it down, so around 3:30 I started boxing it up for the day, we sold A LOT of stuff, more than half!!

Saturday – Repeat Friday, but there was mist when we started out and we had to set everything up under the carport, that sucked, no one could see we were having a sale. A lot slower on Saturday. The mist was really not working for us and we were not expecting it, but eventually it went away and we were able to move everything out into the driveway. Around 11:00 we put up 1/2 price signs, things were really moving now!!

Kim’s husband Ben was nice enough to bring us lunch on Friday and he did the same on Saturday, what a treat, but on Saturday he hung around and helped us. Around 2:00 it was dead and we hardly had anything left, so we started packing it up, we had been consolidating tables as the day progressed so we really didn’t have a lot to do, I guess it took us about an hour to clean up with Ben’s help. We put all the tables in the shed, all the clothes and 3 or 4 boxes I had left in the house. Kim put her 1 box she had left in her car. Our yard sale was a success!!

Kim and I headed to Target after the sale, we needed a few things, and since we missed our morning trip to Target, we had to get it in.

Sunday – Thank goodness we got in a run this morning, we did our new 6 mile loop, both of us were tired from all the yard sale hoopla, but glad to be back in our routine. It was hard to get going, but after a couple of miles, it got a little better, not much, but some.

After our run we drank coffee and looked at sale ads, norm for us, nothing exciting. Kim had to leave at 8am, I headed to the grocery store for my weekly supply of food and when I got home I decided to tackle my backyard, it’s an embarrassment. I worked from 12:30 until 4:15, what a freaking mess. The backyard has been so neglected for so long and still it’s not where I would like it. All I did was rake leaves from the fence line that hadn’t been raked in a 100 years and bagged, cut back bushes that hadn’t been trimmed in forever, picked up rocks, pulled up irises that had run rampant, picked up sticks all over the yard from Hurricane Ike and mowed. It looks a lot better, but it needs a Backyard Makeover and I don’t have the time, energy or money to put into it. It’ll get there one day, but not today!

Monday – Kim got here a little late, I was starting to worry about her, it was about 6:20, she pulled in and said her car was over heating, uh oh, Ben is out of town. She raised the hood to let it cool and we headed off on our 6 mile loop, we were speed demons today, or it felt like that to me. We’ve had very uneventful runs lately, for a while there was always something happening, not lately, we’ve been boring…. We did see a stray dog, no collar, he had this huge grapefruit sized knot above his left leg, poor thing, neither one of us had a phone, since he was right by the lake and in a nice neighborhood, we hope someone called the humane society or picked him up, I don’t know what to do in those situations, he must have been hit by a car or something, I kept thinking about it last night.

Finished the 6 miles with an average pace of 10:03, yippee!! Kim kept going she needed 2 more miles, she’s getting closer to her Chicago Marathon!! When I got back to the house I opened her radiator cap, which was very loose and put water in, it didn’t seem to need much, but it was a small radiator (honda). Before long here comes Kim, she was asking about Anti-Freeze, heck I don’t know, I don’t think you have to put it in just to drive, but she found the manual and pulled out the reserve tank and it was below the minimum. We knew Becky and Buck would be back from their walk soon and I figured Buck would have Anti-freeze, but of course he did, he gave us this mayonnaise jar of fluorescent green liquid, oh joy. Kim said the manual said it must be 50/50 mix, so we put half water, half anti-freeze in the reserver tank, put the cap back on the radiator, loosely as she instructed because of Ben’s instructions… I still don’t know about that, and sent her on her way. I think she must have a thermostat problem or something else, that car overheats way too much.

Last night was Fitness Boot Camp, not too bad, kind of boring really, was ready for it to be over, some good arm work and some good lunges, we did a few too many mountain climbers, hate those, and then here I am today, no run this morning, I may go to the running clinic tonight, or not, it’s so far and it costs money and I’m watching all my money these days.

Sorry this was so long, didn’t mean for it be… Oh, one more thing, Kim and I are running a 20K this weekend in Benton, it will be my first 20K, nervous, I’m hoping for under 2:15, I’ve heard the course is pretty hilly.

Smokey and Maxx

Well, we had a couple of overnight guests on Monday night, one was Maxx, the 2 year old Lab who is sweet as can be and his mommy Kim.  What an adventure, when Kim arrived with her pooch in tow, Smokey had a fit, he saw Maxx outside the storm door and started pouncing on the door.  I decided Smokey needed to reside in the bedroom until he got used to Maxx.

Maxx of course was not fazed by Smokey, he just wanted to play.  We got Maxx in and situated, it was already late, he was a bundle of energy, I wasn’t sure what I had in store for me on Tuesday.  We didn’t stay up too late, Maxx is something else, he was digging in my box of yard sale items looking for toys, he would also sneak in the kitchen and eat Smokey’s cat food, that was pretty funny, Kim didn’t like that too much. LOL.

Smokey was puffed up like a Puffer Fish, every time I would check on him, here Maxx would come right behind me wanting to grab a Smokey cat and play, Smokey was having none of that dog or whatever that big black than was…

The next morning I got up around 5:30 and Kim had already been up getting ready for school, she and Maxx had laid back down, but here he came, funny puppy.  Kim had to leave pretty soon, she was getting ready and told Maxx good bye.  Oh boy, me with a big dog and a cat, Pet Central.

It wasn’t long before Smokey started meowing, he wanted out of the bedroom, tried of being cooped up.  I would open the door just a bit and tell Maxx to sit, he would, good puppy.  Smokey would bow up, hiss, growl, his usual self.  I would shut the door, wait a few minutes and try again, after a while I left the door open just a little bit and Smokey came out, and then went back in, quickly.

Smokey finally got up the nerve to venture into the living room and now I’ll show you some pictures, but first, don’t pay attention to all the boxes I’ve yet to unpack, or all the boxes for my yard sale, it’s a mess.  Smokey would get on the highest point he could and watch Maxx, Maxx would get close, but Smokey would growl or hiss at him, so Maxx wouldn’t get too close, but he really wanted to, it was pretty funny.

Smokey keeping his eye on Maxx

Smokey keeping his eye on Maxx

Smokey watching Maxx take a nap

Smokey watching Maxx take a nap

MAD Smokey

MAD Smokey



Maxx looking at Geronimo (neighbor's dog)

Maxx looking at Geronimo (neighbor

Maxx was a good dog, he stayed right by me most of the day, except for his nap time in the afternoon, then he piled up on the couch, you can see we put a sheet on the new couch.  We went out and about every 2 hours, he is very well trained and also went for a car ride to the bank, which he loved and he also got a treat, I guess it will be a repeat performance next Tuesday, maybe Smokey will be nicer next week 🙂