I feel like a slob!

Hurricane Gustav has dropped a butt load of rain in Arkansas, it’s 1:30pm on Thursday and it’s finally stopped raining, it started pre-dawn on Tuesday, nonstop!!! I heard we had gotten 8 inches through 11am Wednesday and it continued for another 24 hours. I haven’t run a lick since Sunday, and I haven’t quit eating so I feel like a big fat slob, I’m certain I’ve gained 10 or 20 pounds, at least.

I picked up Smokey last night and brought him to my house, I thought it would be easy peasy, NOT. He was completely freaked out, he’s lived in only 2 places in his life, both for extended periods of time, so he was a little confused. He was very wary, I tried to show him around, but he went immediately under the bed, when I would walk out of the room he would start meowing until I came back. I would lay on the floor and talk to him and try and calm him down, after a while I thought I would just leave him alone.

I shut all the extra bedroom doors and went in the kitchen to fix a quick dinner, in a few minutes here he came, just a talking, meow, meow, constantly, I have no idea what he wanted. He was like Lassie, I would follow him to the bedroom and he would just stand in the middle of the room meowing, “what is it fella?”, but he didn’t lead me to any kid in trouble or anything exciting like Lassie.

We finally went to bed around 9:30, I thought I would read some, um, that didn’t work out either. He would lay next to me and I would scratch and scratch and scratch his head some more, then he would jump off the bed, meow and jump in the window, repeat and repeat and repeat. I turned off the lamp hoping he would realize it was time to go to sleep, nope. He was so restless or frightened or confused, I don’t know which, I could not comfort him at all. I haven’t been around him in about 2 months, just occasional visits, he still knows me by all means, but he was a rough night for grouchy old Smokey, AND grouchy old me too!

The first time I got up was 12:30, I thought it was 3 or 4, we went to the bathroom and then back to bed, same routine, rub his head and hope he goes to sleep, but he was still not having it. The next time I got up was 3, OMG, this is like having a new kitten and we finally got up for the day around 5. I fed him some moist food and he gobbled that up, used the litter box and was finally a little quieter, great.

I decided I would go ahead and do my 5 mile run, I didn’t hear the wind or the rain, so I got all dressed, made my cytomax and headed out the door, what the hell was that dripping sound? DAMN IT, it was still raining, not hard, just sprinkling, but it was still dark and the streets were littered with debris and I didn’t want to take a chance on slipping or of getting soaked to the bone, I had a vet appointment at 8, I could go sweaty, just not soaking wet. So back in I went and made coffee.

We made it to the Vet with no problems and made it back as well, all in the rain, Smokey got a Steroid shot, for his lips, long story, so now he’s being nice and quiet and actually sleeping, sweet boy. It’s nice to have him here, other than the no sleeping part 🙂


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