Back on Track – Sort of

Gustav finally exited the state and I finally got back on track, sort of, I’m out of my routine! First off, Kim is out of sorts because she has drill this weekend so she didn’t come and run with me yesterday, so I drug my non-running for 4 days self outside and it was still freaking raining! What? this stuff was supposed to be gone! Oh well, no turning back I was getting my run in, I didn’t have a hat on and once around the lake I contemplated making a detour to my house to get one, but ultimately just kept on running, it did stop raining and it was only a fine rain, nothing like we’ve experienced over the summer.

It was tough going at first, not running for a few days makes you lazy and fat! The first hill like to have put me under, it’s the biggest and worse hill of the whole route, but smaller steps and I made it. I don’t even remember the rest of the run, we run this same 5 mile loop A LOT, so unless someone tries to run us over or we see dogs chasing ducks, it just goes by uneventful like and that’s what happened yesterday. I made it half way up the Old Mill hill, I do remember that, and had to walk up the rest of it, oh, and there were lots of limbs down along the lake from all the rain and wind.

As I made my turn into the alley I saw my neighbors Becky and Buck, what a pair! I’m guessing they are in their late 70’s, maybe older, they walk everyday, Kim and I see them quite often when we are running. Buck carries a pocketful of dog biscuits for all the dogs he sees on their route, and they had stopped to give one to the “old” lab who howls every time we run by. He wasn’t howling then, but wagging his tail, Becky was petting him on his head and talking puppy talk to him, they are just so sweet! So I stopped and talked to them and we walked back together, I didn’t get my 5 miles, I stopped my Garmin when I came upon Becky and Buck at 4.84 miles, oh well, it was nice just to walk and talk with them, they are a hoot!

Today I made another detour from my routine, I decided NOT to run with the Little Rock Marathon group, this is the first time in a very long time I haven’t gone, well except for being in San Francisco. They were running in Allsop Park today and I just could not do that to myself. Most of the route is in Murray park, (marathon flashbacks) awful, awful, awful, nothingness! I hate it! And by myself? no thank you. So, I slept in until 5:20, got up, piddled around a bit and finally left the house around 6:45, the sun was barely up and it was so cool outside, I’d say low 60’s, WOW, what a difference!

I wanted to run around 8 miles, I don’t really have a running “schedule” right now, but 8 sounded good, so I thought okay you normally do a 5 mile loop, you could run around the lake a couple of times and then when you get to Lakewood Village I could turn toward Target and add on there too. Well, after I ran two long loops around the lake I had almost 3 miles, hmmm, okay that’s weird, but I did run down to the lake and I did make the long loops which are more than a mile, so okay, that means I don’t have to run toward Target, I’m just an idiot.

So, I wanted to run a good pace today, so I just kept running, up the hills, had to stop for traffic on North Hills Blvd and again crossing McCain at Lakewood Village, but not for long and then some idiot piled all their limbs in the middle of the sidewalk on North Hills Blvd. I had to run out into the street, had to wait on cars, to get around the limbs, how do they expect people to use the sidewalk? idiots. I felt like I was making good time and would pick it up some when I could. I was getting a little tired, this was only my second run for the WEEK!

When I got to the Old Mill Lake, I can’t remember the Lake number, I was really getting tired and I wanted to walk and I did for about 5 steps to drink some water and then started running again, when I got close to the Old Mill Hill I stopped running and this older worker guy comes out of the Old Mill entrance and says “you can do it”, I said “it seems easy”, meaning it may look easy, but this hill is a bitch! I know Kim, Brenda and Annette all know which hill I’m talking about and when you’re at the end of your run it’s the last thing you want to do, run up that flipping hill! But, he was right I could do it and I did! But when I got to the top I was about to pass out, well not really, but it felt like it. So I was happy to see a car coming so I could catch my breath! When I looked at my Garmin I was pissed! I wasn’t going to get my 8 miles, I had sadly miscalculated and yes, at this point I was looking at Lake #3, which is about .9 if you make one loop, but I had just come up that stupid hill and I wanted coffee, so I ditched the 8 miles and headed home. I ended up with 7.21 with an average pace of 10:16, which I was almost happy with, I wanted it to be faster, like about 10:10, maybe next week. I did have some good miles, you can tell where the hills were:

  1. 10:39
  2. 10:11
  3. 10:09
  4. 10:50 Biggest Hill
  5. 9:51
  6. 9:50
  7. 10:33 Second biggest hill
  8. 9:54

2 Responses

  1. I ran with people for the first time in a long while today. Makes a huge difference.
    You know, sometimes those miles are just not in us. 🙂

  2. Girl you are getting fast!! Keep up the good work.

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