Home Repair and New 6 mile loop

Yesterday after my 7 mile run I decided to get started on some of the projects around the house that have not been completed or started. The problem I had was I didn’t know where to start, I have baseboards to paint, the vent-a-hood to take down, peg board to remove, kitchen to paint, light fixture to switch out on the ceiling fan in my room, yard sale stuff to price, office to get ready for my new desk, cabinet to put together to go in the kitchen after I paint, thermostat to install, wallpaper border to strip, my list is HUGE. I hate having so much to do that I can’t get started on any one thing.

So, I just started washing clothes and sheets, that didn’t take long, only had one load of whites and one load for sheets, not enough darks to even mess with. Then I got a call from my Mom she was coming by to drop off something, so that took an hour of doing nothing. Once she left I decided to try my hand at the light kit for my ceiling fan, one thing you need to know, I’m scared to death of electricity, I don’t even like unplugging appliances, always afraid I’m going to get shocked. The first thing I did was read the instructions, OMG, it looked like Greek, but good for me the ceiling fan already had a light on it so in my head just unhook and hook back up. Then I had to figure out how to turn off the electricity, who knew it was so difficult. I went out side to the meter and there was a box, I switched it off came back inside and stuff was still on, hmmm. Went in the storage room and found the fuse box, great, so I turned on the ceiling fan, unscrewed one fuse at a time, ran back in the house checked the ceiling fan then back to the fuse box, screw that one back in and unscrew the next one, this went on 5 times until I got to the right one. No fun.

Once the power was off I removed the old fixture and right away saw what I needed to do, white wire, black wire, easy peasy. But, then when I was sitting there with the new light kit the white and black wires had some kind of clear sheath on the ends and they wouldn’t come off, I looked at the instructions and it was some sort of wire nut or something, but I had some of those orange things where you twist the wires together, but I didn’t have any of those wire stripper pliers, but I’m a girl and I’m able to improvise, so I took some small scissors and cut those white new fangled wire nuts off, then since I didn’t have wire exposed I had to take my scissors and gently cut away the insulation without cutting through the wires, wow, I did it. I was able to disconnect the old white and black wires, one set had the orange wire nut and one had electrical tape. Once I had those apart I put my new light switch on and twisted the orange caps on to the white and black wires. Then I had to figure out how to stuff everything back into the housing, that was a mess! Getting the light fixture attached through this little keyhole slots was no fun either, I would get one side on, but not the other, then vice versa, it took quite awhile, but I was getting excited because it wasn’t that difficult.

After I had everything tightened up and prior to putting the lamp shades on I put in the old single 60 watt candelabra bulb and ran outside to put the fuse back in, ran back inside and flipped the switch, OMG, I did it! I was pumped up, I couldn’t believe it actually worked and I didn’t die in the process! I turned off the light and added the lamp shades then the new 3 bulbs and what a difference it makes, you can actually see in the room now, and it only cost $10.50 for the light kit, instead of buying a new fan, oh and $4.00 for the bulbs.

So, what could I do next, take the vent-a-hood down, that had electricity too and I already knew which fuse it was. I hate the hood, it was old, greasy and ugly. Some guy at Home Depot had already told me I didn’t have to actually have a vent over my stove if I didn’t want one, REALLY? Nope, you don’t have to have one. So out it goes, along with the nasty pegboard that’s behind it. Well, I started taking the hood down and came to the point where I had to cut the electrical cord, so I ran next door and got Buck, and also borrowed his nippers. He held the hood while I cut the cord and BAM it was down! Yippee! No electrical shocks either! Next came the pipe thing that hooked to the hood, I had to kind of turn it and pull it out of the ceiling, it was up there about 18 inches, some insulation came down with it. Now I’m left with a hole, the guy at Home Depot sold me some sort of pipe thing to put in its place, but it’s too small, right now theres a piece of cardboard taped up there, classy, I know.

I was on to the pegboard, what a nightmare, of course they used umpteen 2 inch screws to put this thing up and then they painted over the screws, nice. Did I mention I don’t have a drill either? So I started chipping away at the paint on the screws so I could get a screwdriver into the head, it was tough, I finally quit about 7:30 last night.

Oh, and I also removed all the border from the kitchen, busy day.

This morning I got up and tried a new 6 mile loop, used the same 5 mile loop we always run but added a new street, I came up a little short, but I know exactly what to do next time to hit it on the nose. I was booking it this morning, ran 6.01 miles at an 10:11 average pace. It won’t be that way tomorrow, I’m beat!!! I worked more on the house today, got the pegboard down, picked up my desk from Pier 1, heavy SOB!!, painted part of the kitchen, hate it, spackled all the holes behind the pegboard, sanded the places I spackled in the LR, worked in the backyard, what else, I don’t know, too tired to think.

Oh, and Smokey is loving being King Cat again! I have some pictures to post, maybe tomorrow.


4 Responses

  1. I think you may be getting some bad advice from the guy at Home Depot. Yes, they do make hoods that do not need to be vented to the outside. They are only used when there is no possible way to vent outside. They don’t work very well. They have a sort of filter and a fan. The idea is they suck up smoke and filter it. Problem is they just blow around any stuff floating into the hood. Good thing about them is the fans are so weak that they don’t blow smoke too far.

    It sounds like you already have the duct work to an outside vent “the pipe thing that hooked to the hood” You should get a new hood that will connect to that.

    Also, the better hoods move more air. Thats rated in CFM (Cubic feet per minute) More CFM is better.

    I’ll be glad to help further. Feel free to drop me a line at my site.

    Handyguy Brian

  2. Man…that’s awesome….I am in awe of your skills…maybe sometime I’ll try fixing and or repairing something myself….then again,maybe not…

  3. WOW… You got a lot done this weekend!! I was going to call you on Saturday and see if you were up to some company but I never could pull myself together enough to make it to NLR. Probably a good thing you might have made me work! LOL 😉

    You have been having some really great runs lately!! 🙂 Do you like running yet?

  4. Colour me impressed. Seriously, I’d be calling people.

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