Some new pictures

First off, loving the weather, can it stay this way? Probably not much longer for sure, cool in the mornings, warm in the afternoons, my A/C has been off for over a week, should have turned it on tonight, but I’ll be fine with the ceiling fan.

Kim and I ran this morning, it was to be our new 6 mile loop, we got to about 4.5 and I had some issues and had to walk for about a mile, but it was a very nice morning nonetheless. Kim finished her run once we got back to my house.

Couple of pictures, here’s one of my kitchen prior to me taking down the ugly, disgusting, nasty, filthy range hood and part of the stupid peg board, second one is half way done. I do have it all down now, but I’ve gotten an email from Brian the Handyguy who thinks I should put a hood back up and also, I don’t like the paint I picked out for the kitchen, it looks like contractor paint, very plain. Yes, it looks bad, it needs a lot of work, that one cabinet is just over there by itself. I did buy a cabinet that goes next to the stove, I can put my microwave on it and stuff in the cabinet, if I ever get the room painted.

Half done!

Half done!

Here’s a picture of my new desk I purchased at Pier 1, it’s called a Project Desk, I love it, there are shelves on both ends! You can see Smokey loves it already.

New desk in my almost office

New desk in my almost office

2 Responses

  1. I think we all have runs like that from time to time. Loving the desk. Can’t wait to see the finishing kitchen.

  2. Office looks fab!

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