The Good, The Bad, The Pretty

Maybe not in that order, but that sums up the last couple of days. Let’s start with the Pretty first, my new Living Room Furniture has ARRIVED!! Yippee!! No more sitting on folding chairs!! I forgot how comfy it is to sit in a chair with a blanket and cat curled up in your lap, heaven I tell you! Here is a picture for your viewing enjoyment.

Next, the Bad, as in Bad Run, I guess it wasn’t that bad, just slow, after a lot of pretty good runs, this one was not.  Kim got here yesterday morning just after 6am, still dark outside, I was almost ready and we headed out.  Felt fine, it was a little windy, cool, more humid than it’s been, but I could tell I was running a little slower than normal.  I stopped at the bathroom as usual, no wasted pit stops, and we were off again, still slow.

We were running our new 6 mile loop, we have one section that has a good steady downhill, but that means a good steady uphill too, I looked at my Garmin and our average pace was 10:42, HOLY CRAP, we were running slow, but it was me, my breathing just sucked!  Just never got it together, I was looking forward to every intersection where we might get a break.  It was a very tough run for me, not sure why, just one of those days I guess.  Ended up with 5.94 miles at an average pace of 11:00 per mile, yuck.

Today was the Good, what a difference a day can make, even though Smokey was determined to get me out of bed an hour before my alarm went off and it was very, very muggy this morning I was shocked at my time today.

The temperature was warmer today, low 70’s, humidity higher, everything in my house felt sticky (A/C still off, windows still open).  I left around 6:15 still dark and decided I would run 5 – 5 1/2 miles at a steady pace, when I got over to the lake and the bathroom it was closed, uh oh and I had to go, so I made a loop around the peninsula and knew that it should be open by the time I looped back and it was, thank the Lord!

I started running right away, up all the hills, once I got up the first hill I walked for about 5 seconds to get a drink, it was so humid and I was pouring sweat already, had to keep moving, I didn’t want to stop again until I got to my first intersection at North Hills and Crestwood and I didn’t.  Another quick stop, water and off again, next stop was Lakewood Village and McCain to wait on traffic, I never looked down at my Garmin, I could hear when the miles would ding, but never looked at my pace.

I stopped one more time for a quick water break once I got onto Lakeview and I had planned on walking up the Old Mill Hill, but I didn’t.  When I got to the top of the hill, that’s when I saw my average pace and about passed out, it was 10:07, OMG, I was shocked, so at this point I could have walked home, but I wanted to get it even closer to a 10:00 average pace, I started running again and picked up the pace a little more, I ran until I got to the Alley where I turn off for my house, it’s a pretty good hill too and I knew it would bring my pace down and that’s where I stopped, 5.46 miles with an average pace of 10:02, HOLY CRAPOLA!!  A whole minute faster than yesterday, who knows why one day is so much better than another, insane I tell you, but I’ll take it!  Here are my splits.

  1. 10:33
  2. 10:25
  3. 9:38
  4. 9:45
  5. 9:47
  6. 10:05  Damn Old Mill Hill!

4 Responses

  1. See now, I’m really happy under 11!!!

    Perspective, girl!!!

    great splits!

  2. Wow look at the new furniture. Nice! (I love that lamp in the corner.)

    Well, you got it done… I had a crappy 7 miler that I don’t want relive so I haven’t blogged. Turns out I have a cold which is why I couldn’t keep tempo. ack!

  3. The picture of your living room looks like it should be the cover for the next Pottery Barn catalog!!!!

    The furniture looks awesome and I’m glad I got to help you make the final decision. Also happy Smokey approves of it 🙂

  4. Nice furniture…and those hardwoods are beautiful! Sounds like you and I had some similar running experiences this week…yuck..

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