Hilliest Route Ever!!

I think that I’m moving Rahling Road to the number 2 spot for hilly runs and Kavanaugh will take the number 1 spot for the hilliest route EVER!!  Or maybe it was just so freaking HUMID and HOT that the hills just about put us under today.

I tried something new today for my sometime GI issues right when I start running, or soon after.  Kim came to my house right at 5am, we headed out for a quick “warm-up” loop to the lake, that did it!  Took care of the “issues” and then we had a few minutes to kill so we sat on my new couch and watched Smokey make a fool of himself.   Around 5:40 we headed to the State Capital, today’s meet spot for the Little Rock Marathon Training group run, Kim had already requested a 12 mile run and she signed us in and got the route, woohoo…

Promptly at 6:00am we were greeted by Tom “Good Morning Crackheads” it still cracks me up that he calls us that, people just passing by just think we’re nuts, maybe not Crackheads.  I was really not looking forward to the huge uphill that awaited us, we have done this route more than once and the last time I think it rained on us for 13 of a 14 mile route and there was a chance it could do the same today, but today we brought our own hats and of course, no rain.

The first hill comes within the first mile, it levels off for about 1/2 a mile at around mile 2 and then up again, you just never run out of hills, you go up and think that’s it, but we knew it wasn’t, until you are at mile 8 then you start going downhill, by then you are so worn out it doesn’t even matter it’s downhill, my legs were killing me today, not sure why but they were tired and my knees hurt too.  I know Kim was in pain as well, she had some leg torture at her class with Andrea and was still sore.  I just wanted it over, and people are CRAZY!!  We were almost run over more than once, one time coming down Kavanaugh right after we crossed Cantrell there is a winding blind curve and we could someone’s tires squealing, that tells you they are going way too fast and he was, Kim pushed me over a bit because he would have hit us if we had not been paying attention.  Right after that over by Hocutt’s Nursery there was a guy standing in the road looking lost, “Hey, where is Fair Park?” we pointed and said this way, and he asked the same question over and over “Hey, where is Fair Park?”  Bizarre day.

Once we finally got off that stupid hill you have another hill to climb in front of the Deaf and Blind school, it’s just so hard at this point, you’re at about mile 11 and my legs were screaming “STOP RUNNING”, we had been running hard downhill for a while and were headed up that stupid idiot hill, Kim was right on my heels, I heard some horrible noise coming behind us, someone had a flat on a trailer and I stopped, don’t know why, just stopped, Kim about plowed me over, we laughed, walked a second and then started again.  Dying.

We could see the light, called the State Capital, right in front of us, we were so soaking wet and gross, I could squeeze water out of my pony tail, we both had boob sweat, just gross stuff, when Kim’s Garmin went off at 12 miles, we just stopped running, we didn’t care we weren’t back to the start point, we walked it in and were glad we had run the 12 miles, but agreed, this was tougher than Rahling, or at least today it was.

No small talk when we got back, too tired, stretched, and stretched more, loaded up and off to Starbuck’s, Petsmart and of course Target.  Then we rescued my daughter’s cat from starvation, another story, another day and back to my house to unload my truck.

I haven’t done much since I’ve been home, set up Smokey’s new litterbox, washed clothes, fixed a sandwich, posted on my blog, I have so much to do and I really don’t want to do a thing, getting ready to jump in the shower, should have done that a couple of hours ago!

I think we did great today considering the route, my Garmin was only at 11.83 miles average pace 10:52, WHO CARES it wasn’t 12?  Not me.

  1. 10.26
  2. 10.12
  3. 10.51
  4. 11:00
  5. 11:13
  6. 11:22
  7. 12:59  hmmm
  8. 10:26
  9. 10:50
  10. 11:02
  11. 9:58
  12. 9:57

2 Responses

  1. OH god 12 miles of hills would have killed me today. Way to stick it out. Makes me feel better about my own running when I see people have slow miles mid-run too. (Thanks for sharing that… it helps.)

    I always figured Arkansas was flat. Shows what I know about geography.

  2. Your splits are great, especially for that route….as I said…that was the longest 6 miles of my life on Saturday morning….I found myself wondering if I should join the “have to start early cause you take forever” group on marathon day…You are my new idol…and I bet it helps a hell of a lot to have someone run with you, pushing each other. I got my first small running blister on Saturday…I guess I should get used to running without music, but my armband radio went dead and most of my run was silence or the runner’s conversations around me..I never realized how much the music pushes me forward, especially my 70’s disco hits….don’t ask…

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