Get it together people!!

I hate people, do you ever have those days where everyone is just stupid?  That’s my work life in a nutshell, everyone is dumb as a box of rocks and it’s stressing me out, big time.  I just don’t even want to answer my phone, email, my door, my life!!  GET IT TOGETHER PEOPLE!

Okay, had to get that off my chest, here’s another stupid person moment from my run this morning, I started out late because Kim decided to run in her neighborhood, so I started out about 6:20, it was dark and cold, even at 6:20, I didn’t mind I needed to clear my mind, the lake was beautiful, there was a misty fog just on top of the lake with the full moon, beautiful!

I’m running by Crestwood Elementary School and I see this guy on a bicycle, no big deal, he’s on his side of the road, I’m on mine, and of course he passes me, I think nothing of it.  When I get close to North Hills Blvd. I see him laid out on the sidewalk with an older woman standing next to him saying “I didn’t see him”, OMG, he’s been hit by a car!!!  He’s not bleeding, or dead, thank goodness, but grimacing in pain, the lady is asking me what to do, CALL 911, you stupid person!  I look down at the guy and say just be still, don’t move, help is on the way and the stupid lady is dialing 911, finally.  I’m the first person there, but I didn’t see it happen, she was at a cross street and pulled out and hit him on Crestwood, so she side swiped him knocking him to the sidewalk, at first she didn’t even know she hit him, she turned around and came back when she realized what she’d done.  Here is what she was saying to me “I didn’t see him, it was dusky dark, he’s wearing dark clothes”, like it was his fault!  Poor guy, was laying there holding his hip, in obvious pain and she’s going on and on, “this is terrible, I didn’t see him”, she never said “can I call someone, do you need some water?”  She did say “I’m sorry” several times, but she was saying it to me.

A nice man was there who lives on Crestwood who put the guys bike in his truck and said he would take it to his house and then gave the hurt guy his name and number.  In just a minute or two the fire department rolled up, they are just around the corner from where the accident happened.  I think the guy will be fine, I stayed for just a few more minutes until the ambulance got there and then told the guy he was in good hands and started my run back up.  So, ladies and gentlemen and all you bike riders and runners out there, pay close attention to those cars who can’t see you no matter what you wear and no matter how many blinky lights and head lights you have.

Stupid people.

I got my 5 miles in 10:05 average.  Having a big yard sale Friday and Saturday, that’s stressing me out too, lots of stuff to get ready and not enough hours in the day.

Oh, and I’ll try and post later about the sleep over and dog sitting adventures with Maxx and Smokey.


3 Responses

  1. That’s awful…
    People are just clueluess. A call it taking the stupid pill before taking on the world.

  2. That is retarded….where’s your yard sale??!!!! I finally got some running skirts!!

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