Smokey and Maxx

Well, we had a couple of overnight guests on Monday night, one was Maxx, the 2 year old Lab who is sweet as can be and his mommy Kim.  What an adventure, when Kim arrived with her pooch in tow, Smokey had a fit, he saw Maxx outside the storm door and started pouncing on the door.  I decided Smokey needed to reside in the bedroom until he got used to Maxx.

Maxx of course was not fazed by Smokey, he just wanted to play.  We got Maxx in and situated, it was already late, he was a bundle of energy, I wasn’t sure what I had in store for me on Tuesday.  We didn’t stay up too late, Maxx is something else, he was digging in my box of yard sale items looking for toys, he would also sneak in the kitchen and eat Smokey’s cat food, that was pretty funny, Kim didn’t like that too much. LOL.

Smokey was puffed up like a Puffer Fish, every time I would check on him, here Maxx would come right behind me wanting to grab a Smokey cat and play, Smokey was having none of that dog or whatever that big black than was…

The next morning I got up around 5:30 and Kim had already been up getting ready for school, she and Maxx had laid back down, but here he came, funny puppy.  Kim had to leave pretty soon, she was getting ready and told Maxx good bye.  Oh boy, me with a big dog and a cat, Pet Central.

It wasn’t long before Smokey started meowing, he wanted out of the bedroom, tried of being cooped up.  I would open the door just a bit and tell Maxx to sit, he would, good puppy.  Smokey would bow up, hiss, growl, his usual self.  I would shut the door, wait a few minutes and try again, after a while I left the door open just a little bit and Smokey came out, and then went back in, quickly.

Smokey finally got up the nerve to venture into the living room and now I’ll show you some pictures, but first, don’t pay attention to all the boxes I’ve yet to unpack, or all the boxes for my yard sale, it’s a mess.  Smokey would get on the highest point he could and watch Maxx, Maxx would get close, but Smokey would growl or hiss at him, so Maxx wouldn’t get too close, but he really wanted to, it was pretty funny.

Smokey keeping his eye on Maxx

Smokey keeping his eye on Maxx

Smokey watching Maxx take a nap

Smokey watching Maxx take a nap

MAD Smokey

MAD Smokey



Maxx looking at Geronimo (neighbor's dog)

Maxx looking at Geronimo (neighbor

Maxx was a good dog, he stayed right by me most of the day, except for his nap time in the afternoon, then he piled up on the couch, you can see we put a sheet on the new couch.  We went out and about every 2 hours, he is very well trained and also went for a car ride to the bank, which he loved and he also got a treat, I guess it will be a repeat performance next Tuesday, maybe Smokey will be nicer next week 🙂

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