Wow – time flies when you have a yard sale!! I don’t know what’s happened to the last 4 days. Here’s a recap –

Thursday – Tried to run, but had some sort of stomach virus, gross, I was at mile 1.19 when, BAM, OMG, I’m going to be sick and I was close to home so I just walked home. I had been feeling bad all Wednesday night during Fitness Boot Camp too, I had to excuse myself during a 1-minute jump rope exercise.

Went to see my Doc about my spiking Heart rate, no diagnosis, he said I’m the picture of health, he’s not sure why the spikes, but since I’m not having other symptoms, like shortness of breath, then no need to do a lot of expensive tests, but I could do them if I wanted, I passed. He did a 30 second relaxed EKG, my resting HR was 50, and he didn’t see any thing else on the printout.

Kim spent the night, we stayed up and got all of her items priced, I’m so glad we got that done, it’s such a pain for people to ask “how much is this?” CONSTANTLY. So everything was priced, well, most everything, we had a few things that price tags fell off of, or were just plain missing tags.

Friday – We got up at 4:30, made coffee, unloaded some tables out of my truck, put on some make-up (yes, we had to look gorgeous too), and headed out to put out our signs. Putting out the signs took much longer than we anticipated, I think we put out about 8, not many, but getting them up in just the right spot is imperative! We had trouble getting one in the ground, and others we had to tape to poles, pain in the ass!

We finally got back and started arranging the tables and dragging everything out of the house, OMG, we had so much CRAP! Box after box after box, and then my clothes!! I did have a big round clothes rack which makes a world of difference. We worked non-stop all morning, we were still working when people started pulling up and shopping, it was probably 10:00 before I went in the house just to get our chairs to sit in. We were pooped! And then neither one of us had a calculator, not that we are dumb or anything, but people are standing all around you and you’re trying to write down their purchase and add it up, it was hairy at times!

It slowed down a bit after lunch and Kim headed out around 2, I think, not even sure, it could have been later, I went inside and got my book and just started reading, it was a beautiful day, I’m guessing 70’s, but perfect for a yard sale, as I was reading I would start nodding off, okay, time to shut it down, so around 3:30 I started boxing it up for the day, we sold A LOT of stuff, more than half!!

Saturday – Repeat Friday, but there was mist when we started out and we had to set everything up under the carport, that sucked, no one could see we were having a sale. A lot slower on Saturday. The mist was really not working for us and we were not expecting it, but eventually it went away and we were able to move everything out into the driveway. Around 11:00 we put up 1/2 price signs, things were really moving now!!

Kim’s husband Ben was nice enough to bring us lunch on Friday and he did the same on Saturday, what a treat, but on Saturday he hung around and helped us. Around 2:00 it was dead and we hardly had anything left, so we started packing it up, we had been consolidating tables as the day progressed so we really didn’t have a lot to do, I guess it took us about an hour to clean up with Ben’s help. We put all the tables in the shed, all the clothes and 3 or 4 boxes I had left in the house. Kim put her 1 box she had left in her car. Our yard sale was a success!!

Kim and I headed to Target after the sale, we needed a few things, and since we missed our morning trip to Target, we had to get it in.

Sunday – Thank goodness we got in a run this morning, we did our new 6 mile loop, both of us were tired from all the yard sale hoopla, but glad to be back in our routine. It was hard to get going, but after a couple of miles, it got a little better, not much, but some.

After our run we drank coffee and looked at sale ads, norm for us, nothing exciting. Kim had to leave at 8am, I headed to the grocery store for my weekly supply of food and when I got home I decided to tackle my backyard, it’s an embarrassment. I worked from 12:30 until 4:15, what a freaking mess. The backyard has been so neglected for so long and still it’s not where I would like it. All I did was rake leaves from the fence line that hadn’t been raked in a 100 years and bagged, cut back bushes that hadn’t been trimmed in forever, picked up rocks, pulled up irises that had run rampant, picked up sticks all over the yard from Hurricane Ike and mowed. It looks a lot better, but it needs a Backyard Makeover and I don’t have the time, energy or money to put into it. It’ll get there one day, but not today!

Monday – Kim got here a little late, I was starting to worry about her, it was about 6:20, she pulled in and said her car was over heating, uh oh, Ben is out of town. She raised the hood to let it cool and we headed off on our 6 mile loop, we were speed demons today, or it felt like that to me. We’ve had very uneventful runs lately, for a while there was always something happening, not lately, we’ve been boring…. We did see a stray dog, no collar, he had this huge grapefruit sized knot above his left leg, poor thing, neither one of us had a phone, since he was right by the lake and in a nice neighborhood, we hope someone called the humane society or picked him up, I don’t know what to do in those situations, he must have been hit by a car or something, I kept thinking about it last night.

Finished the 6 miles with an average pace of 10:03, yippee!! Kim kept going she needed 2 more miles, she’s getting closer to her Chicago Marathon!! When I got back to the house I opened her radiator cap, which was very loose and put water in, it didn’t seem to need much, but it was a small radiator (honda). Before long here comes Kim, she was asking about Anti-Freeze, heck I don’t know, I don’t think you have to put it in just to drive, but she found the manual and pulled out the reserve tank and it was below the minimum. We knew Becky and Buck would be back from their walk soon and I figured Buck would have Anti-freeze, but of course he did, he gave us this mayonnaise jar of fluorescent green liquid, oh joy. Kim said the manual said it must be 50/50 mix, so we put half water, half anti-freeze in the reserver tank, put the cap back on the radiator, loosely as she instructed because of Ben’s instructions… I still don’t know about that, and sent her on her way. I think she must have a thermostat problem or something else, that car overheats way too much.

Last night was Fitness Boot Camp, not too bad, kind of boring really, was ready for it to be over, some good arm work and some good lunges, we did a few too many mountain climbers, hate those, and then here I am today, no run this morning, I may go to the running clinic tonight, or not, it’s so far and it costs money and I’m watching all my money these days.

Sorry this was so long, didn’t mean for it be… Oh, one more thing, Kim and I are running a 20K this weekend in Benton, it will be my first 20K, nervous, I’m hoping for under 2:15, I’ve heard the course is pretty hilly.


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