Arkansas 20K

Okay, I’m really getting nervous about the 20K on Saturday, one thing I’m not nervous about, the weather.  BEAUTIFUL!  Race start time is 7:30 prediction is for 56 degrees and Sunny.  What am I nervous about?  Finishing, croaking, going out too fast, coming in last.  I haven’t run a race since May, I ran the Marathon in August, but I don’t call that a “race”.  Woe is me.

Here is what is on the website about this race – The marathon/20K are relatively small, low key races that offer hilly, challenging out and back courses.

I wish I hadn’t seen that statement, hilly, challenging, out and back, I don’t really like any of those, it would have been much better if it would have said, nice flat, PR making, loop.  Woe is me.  From now on, Kim can’t pick the races.

Today I ran 6 miles by myself, I’m thinking I might need my iPod Shuffle, I don’t know what i think about when I’m running for an hour, nothing really important I guess, music would be a distraction from my Darth Vader breathing.  I do find myself counting my breathing/steps, especially in flat areas, 1, 2, 3, 4, repeat.  I also will try and concentrate on my form, stand a little taller, or pretend there is a rope pulling your middle up, just all kinds of things I’ve either read or learned from Coach Dennis.

It was really nice this morning, the weather is perfect, it was 68 degrees when I got to the bank at about 2.5 miles, so around 7:00, the sun was humongous just coming over the horizon.  Uneventful run, just enjoyed the weather and hated the thought that it will be gone soon and we’ll have to break out the long pants, long sleeves, gloves, hats and all that crap.  I detest running in winter, just the wind and cold makes me mad, so get ready.

6 miles 10:03 average pace.


5 Responses

  1. What….I’ve been taken off of “pick the races” duty??? Ha, need to pick them before I do, you know how I like them planned out far in advance!

  2. Cheryl good luck tomorrow!!! I know you will do great you train on hills everyday so I don’t think they will be a problem for you!! Just remember to go out at a conservative pace and then pick it up after a couple of miles. It worked for Josh in Chicago, it can work for you!!

  3. Stumbled upon this.

    I’m running this tommorrow, I think.

    The 20k was not THAT hilly my recollection. Unless they have changed the course, its pretty flat, but there were several undulating hills at the six mile turn around point, where it touches I-30. The hills reminded me a lot of running a not quite as severe Rahling road in Little rock, it reminded me of something like that, kind of deep undulating very wide, inclining highway road. I think the hills are on the on or off-ramp side area to I-30. Everything else is flat, or used to be 2 lane road.

    I would say when you get to mile 4 or five, save some energy for that, and outside of that, it was pretty flat. to me. My goal is to try to run the back half faster than the front.

  4. Cheryl, you will do GREAT on Saturday!!! I am envious of those temperatures though 😉

  5. Run Cheryl run…

    And remember to have fun.

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