Back to Normal

Didn’t run yesterday, too pooped.  Worked around the house and in the yard, still tired from the hard run at the 20K, not as young as I used to be…

Kim needed 7 miles this morning, she is finally in her taper mode for the Chicago Marathon, I think she is glad to finally get out of those crazy mileage weeks.  We are both still sore from Saturday.  She was here a little before I expected her and I was not quite ready, I was actually washing dishes when she came in.

We headed out just a few minutes after 6am, it was a little chilly, but warmer than Saturday.  By the time we got to the lake I needed to stop at the restroom, this would be a theme for today.  We were running pretty slow and did an extra loop around the lake to get in the extra 1 mile she needed, good thing, the bathroom was calling my name.

My quads were talking to me the entire run, Kim’s hamstrings were bothering her.  And my heart rate was whacky too, the stupid alarm on my Garmin (set to go off at 182 bpm) went off for at least 1/2 a mile, but I didn’t have any other symptoms and kept running.  It did the same thing Saturday, running pretty slow today, not Saturday.  It makes me nervous when it does that and I’m not sure if I should ignore it or what, it settled down and even when we started running our normal hills it never went off again.

We got close to North Hills and my stomach acted up again, it was a quick trip to Kroger and off we went.  My legs and breathing finally warmed up, but my quads were screaming a little louder the closer we got to the 7 miles.  We were hoping we would get to 7 before the Old Mill hill, no such luck today, it went off right as we crested the big hill.  Oh, well, we did it, average pace 10:33, quite a bit slower than normal, but who cares, we were up and running while most people are getting ready for work or still sleeping.

I checked the results on for the Arkansas 20K, Kim was 7th overall female and I was 15th, woohoo, out of 53, pretty good I’d say, or in our minds anyway.

It’s back to normal for a couple of weeks until I head to Louisville on October 13th for 2 weeks and then I don’t know where, it was supposed to be Ft. Lauderdale, which I was actually looking forward to, but now that’s up in the air.  I’ll probably be back on the dreadmill while traveling which I hate and don’t even want to think about.

Fitness Boot Camp tonight, that might be tough she always does a lot of squats and lunges….


2 Responses

  1. Where do you work out at? The NLR Athletic Club? Do you do the TBC class on Monday nights?

  2. Wow. Love those bathroom runs…

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