I’ve been robbed

Seriously – I left this afternoon to run a couple of errands, dropped a package at the post office, went to Home Depot and then Kroger, wasn’t gone that long. 1 1/2 hours Max, unlocked the door under the carport, put my grocery bags down (2), put up the frozen items and headed to my office.  I noticed this plastic bag in the middle of the livingroom floor, WTF, Smokey was looking at me funny, I asked Smokey “what did you do, get in this bag and get stuck?” Because the whole end of the bag was torn out, weird, then I walked into my office.  BAM – My laptop was gone – GONE – where is it, my brain would not compute, I looked in the floor, nope, where is it? did I move it?  NO, someone had broken into my house!  I walked down the hall and saw one of my purses in the bedroom floor, I looked at the windows, nothing broken, looked in the other bedroom, everything looked normal, not broken windows.  Went back to the office, window intact, opened the closet door and scared myself.  Decided maybe they were still in the house and I better get out, grabbed my phone and headed outside. 

I saw my neighbor across the street standing in his yard as I was dialing 911, which wouldn’t go through.  I started walking toward him asking him to dial 911 for me that someone had broken in.  He just handed me the phone, I called 911 and just stood in his yard, staring at my house, waiting for some hoodlums to run out, they never did.  The police arrived about 10 minutes later, I briefly described what had happened and abour 4 cars pulled up, a couple of officers went around the house and 2 went in the house.  In a few minutes they came out saying it was all clear.  I was still shaking though, we went back in and looked around, it appeared they had broken in through the back door, but locked it back when they left.  Or, they broke in through the kitchen windon because they had cut the screen, moved my plant and shut the window when they were through. 

The only thing that I could actually see was missing was my laptop, my work laptop, which is only about 6 months old.  The police think they were waiting for me to leave, broke in, got what the wanted and left since they probably weren’t sure how long I’d be gone.  i hardly ever leave during the day, but I had to drop a package at the post office or I probably wouldn’t have left today, except to go to my Fitness class, which I missed.

We walked around to all my neighbors and asked if they heard or saw anything, of course not.  Buck and Becky were pretty shaken up, they said there hasn’t been a break in for 25 years, leave it to me to start it up. Buck is always outside, but this afternoon he was inside cooking, so he was really sorry and kept apologizing, and he also said “this just doesn’t sound right”.  I don’t think so either.  Who in the world would be watching for me to leave and how?  I’m the one who sits at the front of the house looking out all day long, noticing when people come and go.  I don’t see how anyone could’ve been watching and waiting.

I have the police report number, and a couple of t-shirts the burgulars left, why did they leave those?  Laying right in the middle of the dining room along with the contents of my NLR energy audit bag, so if you know someone who is missing 2 t-shirts, one from 106.1 FM and one from Robinsons High who also has a new HP Laptop and a NLR Electric plastic bag, give me a call.


2 Responses

  1. OMG How scary…in your NEW house or your old one??? Hope you sleep okay tonight! I think you can trace your laptop somehow. Call the company; they may be able to locate it through serial numbers, etc. I’ll be thinking of you!!!

  2. Oh Cheryl! Oh no! I feel your pain; we were robbed in March 2007. It SUCKS! I’d say you got out pretty lightly, though. Thank God! I was scared until the day we got an alarm after that. Bless your heart!

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