Trying to keep my chin up and not be depressed, trying to keep my running up and I am doing that, but I have to make myself.  Trying to motivate myself to work on my house, not doing that at all, I have a list though.  Just trying to get through this week!!

Kim is back in town, she came over early this morning and we ran 6 miles in the cold, well not cold it was 50 degrees, but we both had long sleeves, I added gloves and a head band.  I hate winter and it’s not winter yet, already missing the pouring sweat at the 1/2 mile mark.  Get used to the complaining, it gets worse and the days get colder.  Did I mention runny noses?  Hate that in the winter too.

Kim suggested we go shopping this afternoon, that maybe I needed a mental health day, I definitely need a mental health day, but I can’t take today off, and I can’t spend any money.  I found out Wednesday I more than likely will have to pay the company for the laptop that was stolen on Monday.  Seems as though my company does not carry insurance on the laptops they dole out to the employees in the field (me).  So they want me to turn it in to my Homeowner’s insurance, not happening, for one, I have a $500.00 deductible, the laptop cost $665.00 new 9 months ago, for another thing I don’t want a claim for that small on my account.  I can’t believe they don’t have insurance on the laptops, how could it be excluded from all the other property they have??  I don’t know how to approach it without causing a stink.

This week has really sucked, the weekend was great, I knew something was amiss.

I will be heading to Louisville, KY on Octobeer 13th-17th and October 20th-24th.  This will start the winter traveling, UGH!  I have a friend in Louisville, hopefully she won’t be traveling at the same time and we can get together for dinner.  If anyone has any suggestions for places to see or routes to run while there, let me know, I hate to end up running on the treadmill the entire two weeks.


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  1. Actually I’m not suprised they don’t have insurance on the laptop’s probably saves them thousands of dollars a month! Sucks for the employees but good for them 😦

    You do need a mental health day!! wish I could do something to make it easier for you, but you know where I am so call me if you need or want anything!!!

  2. Hang in there! Sorry to hear about your theft. Sounds kinda like kids to me, pretty weird though. If you can’t afford an alarm system you might consider just getting some of the signs and put up. You would be surprised how effective that is. I have “Beware of Dog” sign’s all over the fence at one of our shops and it stopped a lot of thefts, even though we couldn’t have a dog there if we wanted.

  3. Oh Cheryl – bless your heart.

    I agree with Arland; sometimes signs are just as good as an alarm! My old boss had only signs for 10+ years before he sprang for the actual alarm.

  4. Sorry about what happened, that’s so random!! I like cold weather running…..muggy weather makes me feel like I’m suffocating….Sure, we can meet this Saturday. Even though it id Race for the Cure weekend, I will still be meeting with the LRM group. I am going to try for 8 miles. I will have to check on where we are running this weekend. I am usually out of town until late Thursday night, but maybe after we get the Mama Hobbitt update, we can arrange it…..Speaking of retail therapy..I went to Academy, they have some cute pink and pink ribbon stuff if you are interested.

    PS Do you know where I can get one of those blinking red lights to wear on the runs?

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