Weekend is Gone!

I can’t believe the weekend is already over, I had lots of plans to get stuff done, barely got anything done, I’m wondering what I really did.

Friday afternoon Kim picked me up and we headed to the big city (Little Rock) for some shopping therapy.  It really did do wonders for my mental health, just getting out of the house was a great spirit lifter.  We started at Ann Taylor Loft, I needed new pants for work, every pair I have is too big and Kim needed complete outfits for her Funeral Directing.  They didn’t have any pants left, just some capris, I tried on some really cute skirts and found two that were on clearance for $20 each, regular price $59.  Kim found 4 or 5 really cute tops, her bill was around $60.  I ended up buying both skirts, they will look super cute with tights and boots this winter.  We were really happy with our bargains!  I wasn’t planning on spending much money  if any, and that’s all I spent.

We went in White House Black Market, I really love their clothes, but way too expensive right now, they did have a great sale going to, but once again, out of pants in my size.  Kim tried on a few things, but didn’t find anything.  We stopped in at Starbuck’s for an evening pick me up and then headed across the street to Park Plaza.  We made a complete loop in Dillards, they were having a big sale, 40% off already marked down items.  But no luck, except for Kim found a cute new Coach purse on sale and that additional 40% off, she couldn’t pass it up.  We hit Banana Republic, Kim found pants, The Limited, nothing and then we headed home.  Kim came in when we got back to my house, I had her try on all of my pants to see if any fit her, some still have tags on them, just a waste, but the ones that fit were too short.  It was a nice night and went by quick!

Saturday morning instead of running with the Little Rock Marathon Group I decided to stay home, I needed to get the oil changed in my vehicle so I had a big plan, drive down to Firestone at 7:00am, drop off car, and run from there.  It worked out pretty well, just not as far as I had planned, oh well, I’m not on a schedule of any sort, I’m just scared to back down my mileage, I don’t want to lose any endurance I have gained over the summer.

Once I got home I was cold, during my run i was hot, I had over dressed, it had been very chilly all week, I had on capri length pants and a long sleeve top, way too much, but nothing I could do about it.  I also turned off my Garmin at one point and forgot to start it back up, it was just not the best run.  At home I put on a jacket, I just couldn’t shake the chills, it had clouded up and looked like rain and a little wind had picked up.  The rest of the day was a blur, I did go to Target for a few things and got clothes washed.  Cleaned out some old paperwork and boxes, put a spice rack in my cabinet, biggest pain in the ass ever!  Mapped my new run for Sunday.  Went to bed early to read, I’ve realized it’s not as nice as it used to be before the robbery, I’m jumpy when I’m reading, I hear everything, I hate it.

Sunday –  A big gray cat was walking all over me at 5:15 am, I did not want to get up early today, I rolled over and told Smokey to lay down, three times.  He finally did and we napped for another hour.  I was anxious to try out the new route today, it would add 1.65 miles to our route if we were so inclined we just had to make a turn off our existing route.  I knew it would be a little hilly, but whoa, I mean WHOA!

I headed out about 7:15, I was hoping to hear from LeeAnn, I had emailed her the night before and asked if she wanted to run the new loop, but never heard from her.  Kim was at drill this weekend, so solo I went.  I learned my lesson from yesterday and threw on a skirt and short sleeve top, checked the weather, 56 degrees, perfect running weather, and it was.

I expected to see more people out than I did, I guess because it was Sunday morning, church, sleep late, etc.  I made my customary stop at the Lake bathroom, one loop around the pennisula and up the hill.  Then I realized I had forgotten my cheat sheet for the new route.  I had studied it pretty hard, looking at it from street and hybird levels, so I thought I’d be fine, well….

When I got to Crestwood and North Hills Blvd, I turned left instead of going straight like we normally do, it was an immediate downhill and then I turned right on Calico Creek and it was almost an immediate uphill, and not a small one either.  This street is very curvy, so I kept going until I got to Timber Creek Circle where I went straight, straight up that is, steepest hill I’ve been on since Rahling Road, when I got to the top I saw a road to the right, I didn’t remember seeing that on my map, it was Timber Creek Way, I remembered the name so I turned on it, it was a very short street and when I saw Fairway I knew it was wrong so I turned around, boy I was really backwards.  Back on Timber Creek Circle to the next street Timber Creek Drive, I turned on it, in my mind I knew this was it, but all of a sudden I was in a  Cul-de-sac, so I turned and and went back to the first street and out to Fairway, I knew this had not felt like 1.65 miles, no way, I had missed something, but I would have to wait until I got back home to find out what.

I came out by Lakewood Village and back to the normal loop, still a nice day, blue skies, cool weather, but not too cool.  My stomach started bothering me a little when I was back on North Hills and I had to walk a couple of times, but I made it back okay, I was feeling good enough to make another loop around the lake because I wanted more miles and it was super nice, did I say that already?

I ended up with 7.33 miles and after checking the map, the little cul-de-sac I was on, was not a cul-de-sac at all, to the right there is a street and I actually saw it, but thought it was a driveway.  If I would have kept on running it would have probably added another mile.  Maybe next time.

I had to work today, testing a new upgrade, yuck, I tested from noon until 3:15 and then from 5:30 until 7:00.  I worked in the yard for the 2 hour break I had, I always wonder how I can spend 2 hours in my front yard, every week!

Tomorrow is Monday, 1 week since the “break-in”, I need to go to the store, but I may go after Fitness Boot Camp tomorrow night.

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  1. People hate change…AND workshops! LOL Hope it went well!

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