Just Running and Working

Nothing exciting, just working like crazy.  Next week I’ll be heading to Louisville to roll out a new software program, people hate change and those two weeks in Louisville will be HELL!!  Just a quick let me tell you what I do – I work for a Medical Staffing company, a large one, and we have like 150 offices all over the US, we have new staffing software for the branches, we’ve been testing this software forever, still glitches, we don’t have our own programmers we go to a third party company, so it takes time to get things fixed, it’s never immediate.  Anyway, next week we are implementing the new software in 2 offices Louisville and Lexington, Eric (counterpart) will be in Lexington, I’ll be in Louisville, holding hands, training, doing tons of data entry, touching every client and employee, it will be a tough couple of weeks.  Wait, I never said what I do, I’m in Operations, what I do is hmmm, not sure, EVERYTHING!!

Running – Ran Monday with Kim, she is in her last week before the Chicago Marathon, we ran 5 miles, our usual 5 mile loop at an 9:59 average pace 😦  No speed records that day for susre.  I was planning on going to the Tuesday Night Flyers Clinic in Cabot on Tuesday night I was dressed and ready to go and it started pouring down rain at 5:00 pm, it continued to rain for a good 20 minutes, past the point of me leaving for Cabot, so I decided against it, I didn’t want to 1) run in the rain and 2) fight the traffic to Cabot in the rain.  So Tuesday became my rest day.

Wednesday Kim came over at 6am and we were undecided about what to wear, that’s the problem with the stinking change in seasons!! I hate it!  We both had jackets and ditched them before we left the house, thank goodness.  We were all goose bumpy for a while, but warmed up despite the 10-15 NW winds.  She had 8 miles on her schedule for today so we decided to try my 1.65 mile add-on to our 6 mile loop, who knew they could add a house in the middle of a street.

Today was definitely our hill day, we made my customary pit stop at the Lake and an extra loop at the pennisula and off to great adventures.  As you may have read in my previous post I mapped out a 1.65 loop and messed it up, well today that wasn’t going to happen, or so I thought.  If you know the North Hills Blvd area of North Little Rock you know how hilly it is and there is the gianormous hill on Timber Creek Circle, OUCH is all I can say.  After that monster is a nice little down hill and then you turn right on Timber Creek Drive, the map, Satellite map shows this street going straight through the cul-de-sac and we saw the street, but hmmm, we ran up the street and what do you know there was a house, right in the middle of, I’m guessing, the middle of the street.  Oh wow, we are in these people’s yard now, thank goodness it was early!  We scattered!  Back up another stupid hill.

We of course not anywhere near our 1.65 mile add on so we had to ad lib and turned left onto Fairway made a loop on Lakewood Drive back onto Fairway, back through Lakewood Village and our regular loop.  We got the 8 miles in with an average pace of 10:37.  Kim wanted a 10:30 pace today so we were close, considering all the hills and blundering when it came to the route, we were happy, at least I was.

We relaxed and drank a bit of coffee when we got back, we were quite sweaty even though it was pretty cool, 60 degrees, not that cool, but very windy.  I guess we better get used to the wind, hate it, get used to the cold, hate it, get used to not knowing what to wear, hate it.

Back to work, hate it.

2 Responses

  1. HA! Nothing like trying to change the way an entire office does something. That’s ALWAYS fun. 🙂 Good luck with your running!

  2. Don’t forget your running shoes… we have database issues at work. Not fun. Ack!

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