The Jaw Bone is connected to the Leg Bone

HA!!  It’s been a weird few days, started out on Wednesday with what I thought was a tooth ache, then progressed to a full out jaw problem, this happened in February of 2007 too, all related to TMJ, we think.  This intense pain that starts in between my upper back teeth and radiates up to my sinuses, down to my lower jaw and up to my front teeth, freaking miserable, I starting self medicating on Thursday afternoon, first with 3 Aleve, then progressed to some prescription Anti-inflammatory, then to a Fioricet that used for migraines and then more Aleve, I still had pain and it woke me up at 12:45 am and 3:30 am on Friday.  I was supposed to run with Kim, only 4 miles, so I probably could right?

I had talked to Kim on Thursday night and told her how much pain I was in and I really wanted to run with her on Friday, it was her last run before she left for the Chicago Marathon.  I was up and druggy when she got her, I had taken 3 ibuprofen plus all that other crap I had taken the night before, I was running that damn 4 miles!  Funny thing about running, it makes other body parts feel better, and by the time we were through with our 4 miles my jaw felt so much better, I knew it wouldn’t last, but for the next hour it was great.

I did go to the dentist and of course, no ideas, they referred me to an edodontics specialist, which the pain will be gone before I can get in and the cost I’m sure will be astronomical!  The dentist did give me some antibiotics and some pain medication to get me through.

Saturday I was going to meet Tammy, I read her blog and she mine, and we both run with the Little Rock Marathon Group, so hey, let’s run together and we did!  We were meeting at the Surgery Center close to Cook’s Landing and the Big Dam Bridge, it was a nice cool morning, around 60 degrees, Tammy came right up to me, “are you Cheryl?” yeppers, and we were soon on our way, chatting pretty much none stop the entire 8 miles.  It was super foggy on the River Trail, so foggy my entire head was soaking wet, even the hairs on my arm were wet with little droplets of water.  We had a great run together, it was nice to finally get to meet her.  I hope we can run together again.

When I got home Saturday I was not feeling well, even though I felt pretty good for our entire run.  I felt tired, sleepy, achy, just run down.  I laid down on the couch with a blanket and didn’t move for a while, I finally took my temperature and I did have a low grade temp, 99, I took some ibuprofen and laid back down.  i had an appointment to get my hair cut/colored at 3pm, so time for a nap.  I needed to do so much around the house, but not much at all got done, I just felt puny.

I had told Annette i would come to Cabot on Sunday and run part of her 14 miles with her, what was I thinking?  I called her Saturday night and arranged to meet her at 6:30.  When I was driving over there this morning I was still thinking, what are you doing?  You should be in bed, resting, I still did not feel great and still had a low grade temperature.  Took some ibuprofen before I left and stopped and bought a diet coke, my tummy needed something.

I didn’t have to wait long before I saw the girls coming, it was Annette, Jane, Kelly, Jamie and Patti.  I didn’t know Jamie or Patti, but the more the merrier, they already had 4 of their 14 miles, and we were off .  After about 1 or 2 miles I started feeling better and by midway I was feeling lots better.

I was glad when we were done, and it did make me feel better.  We stopped and had some delicious coffee with Annette’s stepmom, it was quite a treat and spent some time with her and Livia, Jane and Brenda.

When I got home I was able to get on my computer and see Kim’s progress at the Chicago marathon, she was doing excellent!  Her pace was picking up after each alert I received.  Around 11:30 she called, she was at mile 21 and sounded great, no big problems, getting a little tired, fueling as she should and drinking plenty of water and gatorade.  She called back in about 20 minutes and said she was at mile 23, they had issued code Red, not good, and had turned some sprinklers on, she was worried about her feet getting wet and causing blisters, I tried to assure her it would be okay, she didn’t have far to go and her Mom was at the finish line with dry socks just in case she needed them. I know she will finish at 4;30 or less, that was her goal, she will be on Cloud 9, I’m very proud of her!  She trained super hard, putting in way too many miles!!

I forgot to mention I met Gabby today, she is one of Annette’s friends, she said “I read your blog”, it kind of embarrassed me, I don’t know why, sometimes you type this stuff and you don’t really think about it, to me it’s not that interesting, just my normal boring life.

I really enjoyed our run today, it’s been a long time since I’ve run any in Cabot or with Annette and her “crew”.  We had our share of experiences, the foam/bubbles in the waterfall that Annette told me was a sculpture, the toilet on the side of the road, the two separate dog chases, never a dull moment in Cabot.

Oh, my jaw is feeling better, good drugs.

3 Responses

  1. Glad your jaw is better…I felt kind of puny yesterday, although I didn’t have a temp. Mostly just sore, but good sore. I did my weight class with my friend Josie after we got done with the run, and it helped me stretch out a bit. I went to be at 830 last night and was OUT all night. Guess I needed it!! Enjoyed running with you!! Thanks for slowing down a bit for me, i know I was a poke!

  2. Endodontist… I only know Boatwright. Periodontist: Svendsen.

    I followed Kim, too — wow wow wow!

  3. You know I’ve been having neck pain. I wonder if it’s my jaw acting up. (I have TMJ too.)

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