Ben – Lost Puppy

This is the second time I have ‘rescued’ this dog.  The last time was not long after I moved in, he was wandering down the middle of the street, I called him over, bribed him with a dog biscuit and put him in the backyard.  I called his owner who was out of state, he sent his roommate who the dog hated and I swore if Ben, the lost dog, ever showed up again, he would not be going anywhere with the roommate who he was scared of.  I felt bad for sending him and still feel bad, it was a horrible experience, Ben started barking as soon as he saw the guy, he did not want to go, but eventually we got him loaded in his vehicle, it was horrible.

Ben the Border Collie

Ben the Border Collie

Today I flat out told the owner, don’t send the roommate, Ben can stay here until you can come get him.  This dog was a hoot, dirty, hungry, funny.  I fed him some cat food, better than nothing, gave him some water, them introduced him to Geronimo the Airedale (sp?), they had a blast running the fence until Ben realized I was walking away and he would follow me back up to the house.  When I would go in he would stick his head through the grates in the fence gate, I would say NO Ben, he would just cock his head and stare, in a couple of minutes I heard a big noise, got up to look and there was Ben at the back door.  Not sure if he jumped the fence or went through the grates.  Oh boy, so I went outside and sat down, this dog wanted nothing but attention, I just talked to him and rubbed his head, he was eating it up.  He tried to jump in my lap, oh no, he’s way to big and filthy.  I wanted to give him a bath, but wasn’t sure how he would react, so I decided against it.

After he and Geronimo played again for a few minutes they were both out of breath, I gave Ben some more water out on the patio, he took a few drinks, stuck his paw in it so he could grab the side with his mouth and then he proceeded to play with the bowl.  He did not leave my side, if I tried to sneak off to get some work done, he was right there, poor thing, just wanted some love and attention.

About an hour later his owner showed up, young kid, early twenties, Ben ran to him, so I felt better, we talked, I did voice my concerns over several things, him needing attention, a bath and the roommate, oh and the scratching.  He seemed very appreciative, I just hope he takes care of him.  Sweet puppy.



I bet I see this dog again……


3 Responses

  1. That is one cute dog!

  2. If Ben comes back, I’d say he’s a keeper!

  3. How adorable! That’s so sad that he isn’t taken care of properly. Kudos to you for looking out for him 🙂

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