Running Clinic

I decided to go to the Tuesday night Flyer’s running clinic in Cabot last night, I haven’t been in a couple of months, the drive is over 20 miles one way and with the price of gas, and the cost of the clinic, I have been doing my runs at home.

I headed out a little after 5pm to give myself plenty of time to get there, the traffic can be a bear at that time of day and yesterday was no exception, as I was heading North up 67/167 right past the Kiehl exit, but before the 440 interchange everyone was coming to a stop, quickly.  Over to my left in the South bound lanes a terrible wreck had just occurred, probably less than a minute before I got there, people were pulling over jumping out of their cars and running over to assist.  i could see one vehicle on it’s roof and another vehicle that had hit it or vice versa, but there were no emergency vehicles there yet and people were panicking, it looked as though they were trying to get people out of the cars, it was mayhem.  In just a few minutes my lane of traffic started moving and I could see there was another car upside down, oh my God, I hoped everyone was okay and was pretty shaken up driving the rest of the way to the clinic.

I kept thinking about the wreck and how those people when they left in their cars weren’t thinking ‘I might be in a roll over accident today’, it could have been me or anyone I knew, you just never know.  I wanted to pick up the phone and call everyone I know and tell them, SLOW DOWN, that wreck was BAD, VERY BAD, PEOPLE WERE KILLED.  Come to find out 3 people died in the accident, someone was driving too fast, lost control of their Blazer, crossed the center median and hit someone head on, which caused someone else to hit them.  Witnesses said the Blazer was air born, I don’t know why they would be going that fast at that time of day, traffic is not good in that area at all.  Anyway, SLOW DOWN.

The Clinic, Coach Dennis warned all the girls about doing too much, most of them had run the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure on Saturday and then a long run on Sunday, they all did great, Lisa F was 9th overall, incredible, I think there were 45,000 people signed up, the top 200, or is it 300, runners get medals, I think they all got medals.  Brenda said the rope was against their bellies, so at least they were in the front of those 45,000 pink clad women! The winner finished in 19:XX, crazy fast.

Once I got all that wreck stuff out of my head, well I really didn’t, but we did a mile and 1/2 warm up, I was running with Kelly, Patti and Brenda.  Brenda only ran with us for a little bit, but it was nice to get to talk with her, speedy.  When we got back to the track it was me, Patti and Kelly doing the Intermediate workout, one lap of Strides, hate those, then 2 x 800 at LT pace, 1 x 400 at Interval pace and 3 x 200 at Interval Pace, we used Kelly’s pace times, mine are old and who knows about Patti….  It was so freaking humid last night, it felt like the middle of summer, except for the fact that the sun was down by 6:45pm, the temperature at 6pm was 84.  But, I would rather it be warm than stripping off layers.  Still it was muggy.

After our speed work Coach Dennis had us do one cool down lap, one lap of strides, did I mention hate those, and then we did another cool down lap.  I ended up with about 4.5 miles, but it seemed like twice as much.  I miss the clinic, you work your butt off, but it feels great when its over.  I’m sure I’ll go back some, maybe not every week, it’s just too expensive to drive that far in my gas guzzler.

This morning Kim came over for her first recovery run after the Chicago Marathon, I think she is still riding the Marathon High!  We ran down to the lake, it was nice and cool this morning, about 64, but a little humid, ran around the lake a few times until we had about 3 miles and then headed back to my house for coffee.

Tonight it’s back to Fitness Boot Camp, need some cross training for sure, getting fat.


2 Responses

  1. Accidents like that are jarring aren’t they? Glad the run was good.

  2. Ok….first of all….if would take ALOT for you to be fat…secondly I don’t know half of what you are talking about (maybe I should go to a running clinic?)…and thirdly…are you running sat at the river market? Hope your week went well and that your jaw has been better!

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