Which way to Run?

Okay, here’s the thing, when I’m running on the streets I run toward traffic, not with my back to the traffic, they could plow me over and I’d never see it coming.  So, which way should I be running?  I say toward traffic and that’s what all my running buddies do too.  But, last night I decided to run around the Lake and through the ‘hood’, well decided is not a good word, I had to make myself run, literally make myself put on running clothes.

Anyway, more than a couple of times I’m running in the left hand lane toward traffic and here comes this runner dude, right at me, so he’s running on the wrong side, in my opinion, who moves?  Well I did, I moved toward the center and he kept running, slight hand wave.  I thought you idiot, you’re going to get run over.

Next encounter I’m down on Lakeshore Drive right by the lake, it’s a skinny street, no sidewalks, I’m running on the left as usual and I see this couple up ahead running side by side on the right hand side, with traffic.  I’m catching up with them and here comes this huge Dodge truck, so he has to dodge both of us, he almost plows me over and I’m sure he’s thinking I’m in the wrong, the couple didn’t even go single file, they stayed side by side.  I wanted to scream “hey you almost got me killed”, but no I just kept going.

Once I got up past the Old Mill and on my way home another swing and a miss, people running on the wronog side or am I running on the wrong side?  I’m not changing.  I want to be able to see who is about to plow me down!  I can’t stand that feeling of hearing a car, but not knowing how close they are to me.  Scary.

This morning was the coldest morning of the Fall, 46 degrees, Brrrr… Kim had a Memorial service to attend and couldn’t run, I made arrangements to meet LeAnn at the Lake at 6:30 for our 5 mile loop, I haven’t run with her in ages, we used to run with each other all the time, we trained and  ran our first 1/2 Marathon together, the memories, the struggles!!  I remember the first time we ran to 4 miles, we hugged, I think I even teared up, we were so excited to get to that 4 miles, I remember the exact spot on the River Trail and ever time I pass that spot I mention it to whoever I’m with.  I hope we can run more together, it’s just our schedules are so different now….

The run started off cold, but we warmed up pretty quickly, I dressed just right for once, capri pants, tank and long sleeve tech top, gloves and a head band.  The gloves never came off, the head band came down cause it was bugging the crap out of me, but by that time I was warm.  I did push my sleeves up, but they came back down when we got close to home, the wind had picked back up and I felt chilled.  Our run was really nice, it was like we had been running together all along.  Lots of catching up to do, so lots of talking, the run went by really quick.  We ended up with a little over 5 miles at an average pace of 10:28, it was not slow, which LeAnn said it would be, it was just fine.  I’ve never been a speedy runner, I just need the miles to keep off the winter fat!

Not sure what the weekend holds, tomorrow the Little Rock Marathon Training group will be meeting at the River Market, which means the River Trail, but it also means the Farmer’s Market, I think they are still open.  We shall see.


6 Responses

  1. You run facing traffic. If you’re biking, you ride with traffic. You would never see the truck that smacks you if you run with.

    However, if you’re on a sidewalk…

  2. Definately run towards traffic!! I see lot’s of people doing the opposite but THEY are wrong!

    I’m so glad you and LeAnn had a chance to run together, I miss her smile!! I also remember those days when 4 miles was a long run!!

  3. Well…..see you in the am. I am pretty sure that I will be able to finally wear my pink fleece!!! YAY!

  4. Facing traffic for sure… (doubly true in winter.)

  5. Speaking of pushing sleeves up…..I’m thinking about getting some of those arm warmers that you can take off when you get warm and just wear them with a sleeveless shirt…

  6. You could put them in the pocket of your pack…

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