I have a lot to say

But I don’t feel like saying it, everything SUCKS!!

  • Flushed my toilet and the washing machine gurgled
  • Ran 8 miles with the Little Rock Marathon Group on Saturday, tried to find Tammy, no luck
  • Shopped for Sis’s Birthday present
  • Cleaned House
  • Washed Clothes and my bathtub backed up with water
  • Cold running this morning by myself – 45 degrees – wanted to run about 10 miles, ran 5.25, I SUCK!
  • Used the bathroom at the Old Mill so I won’t back up any more water in the house
  • Going to my Sister’s today to drop off Birthday gift
  • Gotta call a Plumber – $$$$$$$$$$$
  • Running the Soaring Wings 1/2 Marathon next weekend, don’t even know if I can run 13.1 miles, may crash and burn around 10, it will be about a month since the 20K, we shall see
  • Scared to turn on the heat in my house, it’ll probably blow up, or not come on at all

That’s it, I’m a whiner today, I hate everything, can you say P for PITY PARTY?  I’m having one.


5 Responses

  1. That’s awesome…..I guess it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I had to WALK some of the 1/2 this weekend…..Is anyone else running with you? I was going to do 5 miles on Monday and 5 on Friday…do you think that would tear me up for the big 13.1 on Saturday? I will try to squeeze in a SHORT run on Wed night too….

    PS If you turnt he heat on and it smells like gas…beware…haha…

    PSS Do you know anyone looking for a roomie that shares our love for running that isn’t psycho?

  2. PS You have got to give me the low-down on that running clinic….is it too late to join?

  3. Meh, if you don’t finish the half — just go out and have fun. 🙂

    (I have weeks like this too. Just hang though.)

  4. Nice to run and chat and have coffee w/you this morning. Think we’re all stuck in a “blah” phase…good thing is we’re still out there running! Even if we’re complaining about the cold and darkness…

  5. A half next weekend??? HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

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