Day of Rest

I may not be putting in a ton of miles each week, but after running 7 days in a row I was ready for today, a day of rest from running.  Kim and I ran yesterday morning, we both wanted to run 6 miles, what were we thinking??  We were both tired and it was only Monday.  Mondays are always bad run days, don’t know why, maybe because we push ourselves a little too much on the weekend?  I ran hard on Saturday, but not so much on Sunday, even though I did run.  I guess the hub-bub of life always puts a toll on our bodies as well.

My legs are happy today, no running, even though I’ll probably get out and rake leaves after work.  Speaking of, this raking all the time is a big pain in the butt.  Since I’ve moved into this older neighborhood, lots of trees, I wasn’t used to that at my old house, it was a new area so they cleared out most of the trees.  Seems like I’m raking leaves all the time.  Also, I’m thinking the 3 hoodlums that stopped by my house on Friday prior to my house being broken into asking to rake leaves may have had something to do with the break in.  I told them to come back in a couple of weeks.  Haven’t seen them since and I had never seen them before.

This Saturday is the Soaring Wings 1/2 Marathon in Conway, it will be cold, Friday night’s low temperature, 41 degrees, BRRRR, I hate running when it’s that cold, why couldn’t it be 50?  It will be okay, when it’s over.  Lots of people I know will be running, Kim, Annette, Brenda and new running buddy Tammy.  This will be Tammy’s first 1/2 Marathon, she hasn’t been training for it, but she will do great.  Me?  Who knows, I’m hoping for 2:20, if it’s not too hilly.  If it’s less than 2:30 it’ll be a PR, so there.

A little good news, I turned my heat on and it didn’t blow up, YIPPEE, I let it take the chill off in the house and turned it back off, save that money!

Back to work.

Oh, one more rant, put collars on your dogs, even if they are inside dogs, I was once again faced with two strays on Sunday, fat little things, but no collars.  They were obviously well fed, but not well taken care of, one looked like it had a horrible skin condition that had gone untreated for some time.  I knocked on a strangers door and asked if they would call someone to pick them up before they got run over, I didn’t see them the next day, hopefully they are back home or at least safe.


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  1. Yes, my dog Princess was in jail this weekend. They know her. She’s a four time loser. SHEESH.

    We have the kennel fixed, but she always jumps OVER!

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