Running Rut?

Kim and I ran this morning, it was warmer, 57 degrees, we were a contradiction in dress, I had on long shorts and a tech t-shirt, she had on capri’s and a long sleeve tech top.  I was chilly at first but warmed up quickly.  My heart rate was too high today and I couldn’t get it together, I struggled throughout our entire 6 miles, but especially the end.  How am I going to run 13.1 miles on Saturday?  I think I’m in a running rut.  I’ve noticed my speed going down, my endurance too.  I just don’t want to do it.  Maybe because I don’t have a goal right now, I guess I need to set some sort of goal and that might help get me out of this running rut I’m steadily running in.

I ran 6 miles, average pace 10:16, average heartrate 161, way too high, hard to work harder when your heart is about to bust!  Kim had 9 miles on her schedule for today so she continued to run after I turned off at the alley.  We enjoyed coffee and my antics about getting scared last night, Charlie’s Angels style.

I have a new favorite show on the tube – Fringe – it’s on Fox Tuesday nights at 8pm CST.  LOVE IT.  I usually Tivo it and watch the next day during lunch, as I did today.  They have limited length commercials and actually tell you “Fringe will return in 60 seconds”.  It’s just my kind of Suspense Thriller I love, if you haven’t watched it, you should check it out.  There is a different story each week so you don’t have to know what happened last week to start watching.  The characters are good, unknowns to me.  It’s all Bio-Terroism, Science, Medical Mystery, Girl Kick Ass FBI agent kind of stuff.  If you ever watched 24 on Fox and like it, you’ll love this, even though it’s not the same, just that sort of edge of your seat stuff.

Cold front moving through tonight, yippee, can you hear the excitement in my voice, yeah right.  I hate winter, hate. it.  I think I’ll try and run tomorrow after work around the lake, change of pace, HA!!


3 Responses

  1. And I had on a sleeveless running top and skirt 😉
    but I have to admit I started off with a long sleeve tech shirt on but it didn’t last very long!

  2. Hey girl, 6 miles at a 10:16 pace is not bad at all. I struggled tonight for 5.3 and 11:06. Your doing great! I do know that these up and down weather temps seem to have an affect. I’m predicting you will PR this weekend if the temps are cool.

  3. I like the cooler weather..although my middle and ring fingers get numb and turn white on the tips and then people look and me and say…”OOOO what happened toy your fingers?” GEEZ….I still haven’t gotten a fuel belt and I’m sure I will need some more fluid and carb snacks for this weekend. I looked at the running store in Conway at the amphipods and they didn’t have my size….I’m getting nervous about Saturday…as much as I want to just finish, I find myself obsessing about my time. it really does motivate me that we are going to make a morning of it and that I am branching out to try something new! Plus, I’m reading ‘It’s not about the bike’ by Lance Armstrong, and although I have always thought that he was an ass, the book is inspiring….talk to you soon!

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